Friday Notebook, May 25: Appdome SSO+; Goodbye AirWatch branding

AirWatch is now “Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management.” Also: Citrix Secure Mail updates; Oktane 2018; Citrix’s ID strategy; CloudJumper Streaming App Services; and much more.

Happy GDPR day! And for readers in the US, enjoy the long weekend! This has been a lighter week for news, with the exception of the Okta and VMware partnership. The next item on our list? The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is just a little over a week away (June 4–8), and then we’ll learn if the next version of iOS will bring MDM improvements to finally address the fact that the iOS BYOD experience needs work.

Our blog posts

Jack: Our thoughts on Citrix’s workspace and identity strategy. Citrix is finally adding identity management to their products. Where do their IDaaS offerings fit into the market?

Jack: Okta Oktane 2018: Okta partners with VMware Workspace One. Okta kicked off Oktane 2018 by announcing their partnership with VMware. Two best-of-breed services working together.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video showcase: Deploying Win10? Focus on user experience. The TeamRGE community put together some awesome videos, and you should check them out.

Industry News

Appdome has been on our radar for a few years now, thanks to their “fusion” technology for automatically integrating SDKs into mobile apps. As it turns out, they’re bringing their approach to the identity space, as well. Last year, they debuted a tool for automatically adding identity and single sign-on features to mobile apps. This week, they exhibited at Oktane and announced an expanded identity offering called SSO+. On top of the previous capabilities, it adds the ability to vault usernames and passwords in apps that use legacy login techniques; and the ability to better maintain state. Upcoming versions will enable shared state between multiple Appdome-fused apps. Stay tuned for more a deeper dive on this. (Or maybe you can help us!)

The AirWatch name is disappearing in favor of Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management.

Here’s a preview of the next set of updates for Citrix Secure Mail.

I profiled CloudJumper earlier this year; this week they announced Streaming App Services.

More things we read this week:

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On another note, we’re looking for more freelance contributors! We like to hear from people that have firsthand experience with the technologies we cover. We pay our contributors a competitive fee, and the only caveat is that you can’t work for a vendor. Even if you think you’re not a writer, that’s okay. We care about your knowledge and experiences, and Kyle and I will make sure your articles sound good and have the commas in the right place. In particular, here’s what would be a huge help:

  • Developers that can help us evaluate all the MAM SDKs and app wrappers out there.
  • Experienced Mac administrators (perhaps Jamf admins) that can help us look at the crop of newer Mac products like Workspace One, Fleetsmith, and Addigy.
  • Identity management pros.

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