Friday Notebook, May 18: Workspace One Send; Android enterprise Partner Summit; MSIX

Also: Teradici’s broker is out; ThinPrint and MobileIron; AWS and NICE DCV; GrayKey and iOS 11.4; digital assistants in the enterprise; and more.

This is a weekly log of what’s going on in EMM, EUC, and desktop virtualization.

Our blog posts

Jack: What does the GrayKey iPhone unlocking device mean for enterprise mobile security? There are multiple ways to mitigate GrayKey, plus one more is likely coming in iOS 11.4.

Kyle: Are digital assistants ready for serious enterprise use yet? When Citrix announced support for Alexa for Business, we got curious—how far have enterprise use cases progressed?

Industry news

On Monday, VMware blogged about Workspace One Send, a new app that connects Workspace One apps (Boxer) with Intune-managed apps (Office 365 clients) while respecting Intune DLP policies. It appears that this is a container-to-container integration, not relying on MDM, managed open in, or Work profiles, though I’ll have to confirm this with VMware. This would make it similar to BlackBerry Bridge, which connects Intune MAM to BlackBerry Dynamics. Either way, the overall message is clear—customers need client-side integration between Intune-managed apps and other app-level MAM frameworks, and Microsoft should do more to make this easier.

Jason Bayton live-blogged the recent Android enterprise Partner Summit 2018. The highlight, he wrote, was the announcement of something called OEMconfig, a way for device manufacturers to easily expose their proprietary APIs to EMMs, without requiring the EMM to do any custom integration work. Also, there was a lot of talk about the Android Management API, a recent cloud service from Google. I wish I could have been there, but Jason’s excellent blog covers a lot of ground, so check it out!

I wrote about Microsoft’s new MSIX app format a few weeks ago, but here’s the post I was really waiting for: Tim Mangan’s take on MSIX. Tim goes into a lot of detail, and certainly there’s promise; but as always, apps are difficult and messy, the devil is in the details, and it will be a while until we know what the actual impact will be.

We wrote back in March that Teradici was working on their own cloud-based connection broker, and now it’s out with Teradici Cloud Access Software 2.12. The Technical Preview I wrote about supported Azure; as released, it also supports workloads in AWS and on-premises.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the new ThinPrint Mobile Print in the Friday Notebook, and now MobileIron is officially announcing support for it. This combines existing capabilities (both from ThinPrint and mobile OSes themselves) into a new solution that should be fairly useful for mobile and print-heavy use cases (think along the lines of retail, hospitality, and healthcare, where tablets are getting popular and printing is common).

AWS bought Linux desktop virtualization provider NICE a few years ago; and back in December, they announced that NICE’s remote display protocol, DVC, would be included for free on AWS instances. In a post on LinkedIn, Rachel Berry wrote about why this is another interesting option for DaaS, and how it could be a potential Citrix or VMware alternative.

We heard this week that a company called AnyDesk got a €6.5 million round of funding to do remote access to physical desktops and laptops. They have their own protocol that promises... wait for it... low latency. I would have assumed that this market is fairly settled, so the investment had me scratching me head a bit, but I guess we’ll see.

More items that that crossed my desk:

  • Intune now supports Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  • Blue Cedar announced a batch of more fine-grained mobile app management features. (Previous related coverage here.)
  • Here’s a tidbit that reminds us of our old FUIT stories: IBM announced to all staff that removable storage devices are banned. Yep, stuff like this still happens. The threats are certainly real, but employees are grumbling, so it’s possible IBM revises this decision.

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