Friday Notebook, March 9: Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS; Android P

Also: iOS 11.3 managed contacts, Android Management API, Android Management Experience, Mark Templeton and Workspot, FSLogix funding, and more.

This is a weekly log of everything that’s happened in the EUC, EMM, and desktop virtualization space.

Our blog posts

Why do Azure Stack appliances have to be certified? Azure MVP Marius Sandbu gives us a lesson on Azure Stack.

An interview with Brian Madden - Podcast #132. Brian has been popping up in the industry as of late, so he joined to talk IoT, EUC problems that are now solved, and what the next thing might be.

An introduction to FIDO. By David Strom, a frequent contributor to other TechTarget sites. The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance standard could be a part of your identity and EUC plans soon.

Industry news

Back when VMware first announced its partnership with AWS, we wondered if desktop workloads would every be part of it. The answer then was not yet, but Gabe was hopeful. Now, VMware is announcing a Tech Preview of Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS. From yesterday’s blog post: “Architecturally, the Horizon platform is the same on-premises and in VMware’s Cloud, so the deployment and management experience stays consistent across the entire environment.

The Android P developer preview is out. Here’s Google’s blog post with the highlights, and here’s the developer documentation. There’s a huge list of enterprise changes, including new restrictions and settings controls, multiple users for COSU devices, and more work/personal refinements. Of course, it will be quite a while before these features filter into true BYOD devices, but for enterprise-owned devices they could come sooner.

According to the developer notes for the iOS 11.3 beta, contacts will be treated as managed data. In theory, what this means is that if you use MDM to install and manage an app or to configure an email account, you can prevent associated contacts from being shared with unmanaged apps and accounts—this is how “managed open in” has worked for documents ever since iOS 7. This adds one more bit of work and personal separation for iOS MDM, but these days it’s still trailing the latest Android enterprise features. The iOS beta developer notes aren’t technically public, but they’re pretty easy to find with a quick search. In this case, I found them on, which was recommended by blogger Arsen Bandurian (here’s Arsen’s website and Twitter profile).

Via Arsen’s blog, I also learned about two recent Android enterprise developments. First there’s the Android Management API, a service that’s currently in beta and can act as middleware between an EMM and a device. The Google Play listing for the corresponding MDM agent lead me to the Android Management Experience, a demo environment where you can easily test a few Android enterprise features on your own. I’m going to poke around here, so stay tuned for a full article.

Mark Templeton has joined the advisory board for Workspot. This is a big vote of confidence in their cloud-native approach.

For all vendors heading to Citrix Synergy, TechTarget is again running the Best of Synergy Awards. The deadline to enter is Monday, April 2. If you have cool products to share with the world, learn more and enter here.

A year ago, we profiled Neverware, makers of a Chromium-based OS that can convert existing x86-based devices in enterprise-ready Chromium-based devices; Gabe said that it “gives the Chromebook experience the best chance it's ever had for enterprise adoption.” Since then, they’ve gotten a round of funding lead by Google, and now this week, they announced the acquisition of Flint OS, a UK-based makers of a similar Chromium-based OS. We’ll keep watching this one.

Congratulations to FSLogix, who this week announced a $7.5 million C round of funding.

There was some confusion this week about how “S Mode” would roll out in Windows 10, but it’s all been cleared up, as Microsoft announced that going from S mode to full versions of Windows 10 would be free in all versions, not $49 as was previously announced for certain versions.

Also crossing my desk this week: ControlUp’s metrics on logins. I always appreciate any real metrics.

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