Friday Notebook, March 15: Android Q beta; cloud game streaming

Also: Citrix breach; workflow apps; UEM for cars; VDI use cases; Parallels RAS; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: Internal Citrix documents breached: What we know and don’t know. This hits close to home for the EUC space; we should remain calm but alert until we know more.

Kyle: Citrix and VMware are all in on ‘workflow’ apps. So, what is a workflow app? Workflow apps that help improve productivity on mobile devices (though useful on desktop, too).

Jason Bayton: Could UEM tools manage Android-powered cars? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Jason Bayton ponders the continuing evolution of Android form factors and if UEM really does mean “unified.”

Jack: Modern devices and UEM mean more competition for VDI/DaaS/RDSH use cases. By UEM, we mean unified endpoint management. :)

Industry news

Android Q beta is out. There’s a lot to explore, especially around permissions, privacy, and location. As expected, there are plenty of new enterprise features, as well. I’ll do a full article for next week, or you can also check them out here. One of the most important changes (which we knew was coming) is the deprecation of the old device admin management techniques. With Q and above, it’ll be all Android Enterprise, all the way!

As the Verge summed up: Microsoft showed off its video game streaming (like VDI but for games), and next week we’ll probably hear the same thing from Google. This is essentially the updated version of what Onlive was doing back in 2012, and as I wrote in January, this will be a big chance to teach all the lessons of VDI to a new audience. One thing’s for sure: the latency will make or break it. Here are more details on Microsoft’s gaming stack (which includes other components) from Mary Jo Foley.

Parallels just released the latest version of Remote Application Server, version 16.5.3. The interesting thing is what’s coming up: Parallels has been talking up how they’ll be integrating with Windows Virtual Desktop. As with other desktop virtualization vendors, we’re curious to hear how they fundamentally view WVD, so we’re getting a call on the books soon.

Citrix may have been breached, but people are finding that Resecurity, the firm that claims to have warned Citrix December, is pretty fishy. My colleague Michael Heller has a good summary. As I noted, none of Resecurity’s claims have been confirmed by Citrix or anybody else, and all we really know about the incident comes from Citrix’s blog post.

More notes and reads

Mark your calendars: The Apple WWDC will run from June 3–7. Could this be the year there are finally big changes for BYOD? We’ll find out at WWDC.

Google is now officially doing a Android Enterprise Expert validation program. (Guess who’s on the list)

Benedict Evans: Facebook dealing with misinformation echos how Microsoft dealt with malware on Windows.

Don’t forget to make sure your default Box sharing options aren’t public. (Via TechCrunch.)

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