Friday Notebook, June 22: Mark T and Digital Ocean; Quest KACE updates

Also: Azure VM management tips, Fleetsmith Mac Management and Office 365, Progressive web apps, Hyper-V 2019, and more!

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Theresa Miller: 3 Azure VM management concepts to prevent future headaches. Discover how to avoid Azure VM management pitfalls from IP address assignments, backups, and high availability.

Jack: Fleetsmith (Mac management startup) adds Office 365 identity support. Fleetsmith started out relying on G Suite for identity integration, but now officially works with Office 365 (aka Azure AD), too.

Kyle: What is a progressive web app? You’ve heard about PWAs, but aren’t quite sure what they are, well now is the time to find out. Learn about Google’s evolution of web apps on this relaxing Friday.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: Use SD-WAN to enhance global user experience. Today, we showcase a TeamRGE video covering how one company handled a good UX for desktop virtualization as they opened offices all across the world.

Industry news

We last noted former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton’s moves when he joined the advisory board for Workspot. Now he has a new CEO gig at DigitalOcean. This isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but according to their meta description, they’re “Providing developers and businesses a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage (Spaces), and more.

I had a call this week with Quest to talk about updates to their KACE endpoint management product line. (Last fall I re-introduced the new incarnation of Quest and outlined their endpoint and MDM products.) This time around, they updated the KACE Software Deployment Appliance, and we talked about a bunch of updates for KACE Cloud MDM. The updates include support for iOS MDM-managed apps and the Device Enrollment Program, and Android Enterprise Work Profiles, account management, and managed Play. They’re also now supporting email and VPN configuration. (Remember, they’re going after basic mid-market use cases.) What occurred to me on the call was that today, the basics of MDM are about much more than delivering configurations and settings—today it’s all about integrating services from Apple and Google, such as DEP and managed Play.

Also crossing my desk (or screen) this week:

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