Friday Notebook, June 15: Android enterprise progress keeps rolling along

Also: iOS 12 MDM features, a VFX/DaaS case study; Citrix Cloud licensing; MDM for Siri; Android Enterprise Recommended program expansion; Windows 10 on ARM reviews; and iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: Apple WWDC 2018: Here are the new iOS 12 MDM features. We didn’t get the BYOD features iOS desperately needs, but there were plenty of other announcements around MDM from Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer Conference.

Rachel Berry: Will the VFX industry start embracing the cloud with Foundry’s Athera? The VFX industry has been slow to use the cloud, maybe Foundry’s new cloud hub Athera could change that.

Kyle: Hey Siri: How does Apple MDM keep you from accessing corporate data? How easy is it to lock down or manage Siri in the workplace? We take a quick look, and it turns out it’s pretty simple.

Bas van Kaam: Citrix Cloud licensing is complicated, just like on-premises licensing. Citrix licensing remains highly discussed. Our newest contributor weighs in and offers his thoughts, along with opinions from other customers.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: Shaping the future of Remote Desktop Services with RDmi. This week, check out a demo of an early technical preview of RDmi, the latest evolution of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services.

Industry news

The Android Enterprise Recommended program got more OEM partners and devices. Yet another sign of the changes in Android enterprise—even since just last year! Also on the AE front, check out Jason Bayton’s deep dive on OEMConfig. This is a way for Android hardware manufacturers to expose their custom management APIs (on top of the Android enterprise base) to EMMs, without the EMMs having to do any special integration work for each device/OEM/new API.

Mary Jo Foley reviewed a laptop running Windows 10 on ARM—in this case, an HP Envy x2. I enjoy her “non-reviewer’s review” style, as it’s pretty much what we do when we review hardware, too. I like the overall concept, but considering her mention of the poor browser performance, I should probably wait for some second-generation devices. I’m also interested in one with a more conventional laptop form-factor, like the Asus NovaGo.

More news and blog posts we noted this week:

  • A deep dive into iOS 12 Shortcuts and Siri updates. (Via MacStories.) Lots of powerful automation and integration opportunities, expanding on SiriKit and the Workflow
  • Here’s one for our remote graphics crowd: Intel is planning to make discrete GPUs by 2020. (Via PCWorld.)
  • Citrix is announcing support for derived credentials in XenMobile/Citrix Endpoint Management via a partnership with Intercede.
  • Microsoft Office is getting a new design, including a simplified ribbon. You can still choose a wider ribbon if you want, though.
  • Google is disabling “inline” (i.e. a user clicks on a link) installation of extensions in Chrome 67. Another security win for modern way of doing things. (Via VentureBeat.)

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