Friday Notebook, July 20: iOS security; CloudJumper supports RDmi

Also: Okta and ScaleFT; Android antitrust; Protocol Wars; Login VSI; Always Connected PCs; and more!

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news. Next week Google Cloud Next 2018 is running in San Francisco, and Kyle and I will be there.

Our blog posts

Jack: Even basics like email and Wi-Fi can make doing MDM worth it. For PSA #3, we’re looking at the simple use cases that make MDM worth it for any size business, even if it’s just email or Wi-Fi.

Rachel: Are the protocol wars over? 2018 Edition, part 1: Current vendor landscape. Find out what Teradici, Citrix, and VMware have been up to in advancing remote display protocols in the first of our two-part coverage of the Protocol Wars.

Kyle: Microsoft is pushing Always Connected PCs, but should you get one yet? With ACPCs finally hitting the market this year, we took a look at how the first generation stacks up against Microsoft’s promise.

Melanie Seekins: We should probably be worried about mobile phishing and social engineering. We can lock down enterprise devices, networks, and email, but we remain vulnerable to mobile phishing and social engineering attempts.

Jack: Login VSI’s app compatibility tool applies computer vision to IT. Login VSI released their new tool, Login AT for App Compatibility Testing on Thursday. Login AT runs a script that launches apps and takes a screenshot to help determine immediate compatibility issues after Windows 10 updates.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: REX Analytics helps benchmark end user experience. Dr. Benny Tritsch and Kristin L Griffin created REX Analytics to help IT more quickly benchmark remote end user experience.

Industry news

Just last week, iOS 11.4.1 brought USB Restricted Mode, which is useful for mitigating passcode cracking attemptsand other attacks via USB. But a loophole was discovered pretty quick—plugging in most random USB accessories would reset the hour-long timeframe for the restricted mode to be enabled. That might be fixed, though, as Apple Insider reportedthat the iOS 12 beta requires devices to be unlocked any time you connect a USB device.

Press release from the European Union: “Antitrust Commission fines Google €4.34 billion for illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices to strengthen dominance of Google's search engine.” Google’s response: “Android has created more choice, not less.” Ben Thomson, author of Stratechery, has some good analysis: “In short, in my estimation the real antitrust issue is Google contractually foreclosing OEMs from selling devices with non-Google versions of Android; the only way to undo that harm in 2018, though, would be to make Google Play Services available to any Android fork.”

Cisco’s security research group, Talus, wrote about a mobile malware campaignthat involved highly-targeted social engineering against 13 target iPhones, using MDM  to deliver malicious versions of common apps. We’ve known of the risk of malicious profiles for a while, and Apple has some mechanisms to prevent this, but in my opinion, this still points to the need to overhaul the MDM enrollment and permissions process. Sure, people will be socially-engineered no matter what, but MDM could use a more flexible deployment model for BYOD, that treats permissions with more clarity.

IDaaS vendor Okta acquired ScaleFT, makers of an identity-aware proxyand other key components for implementing the “BeyondCorp” identity concept. It’s great to see the spread of this idea, as well as “zero trust” and conditional access, so if you’re not familiar with these, now’s the time to learn—they’re going to be the foundation of EUC going forward.

There’s a lot of talk about Satya Nadella’s keynote from Microsoft Inspire 2018 (I’m on the road this week, so I’ll have to watch it later), but one desktop virtualization partner announcement I noticed came from CloudJumper. The company (who I caught up with earlier this year) announced that they will integrate with Microsoft RDmi. (Also, you can read Benny Tritsch and Kristin Griffin’s recent overview of RDmihere.)

Also noted:

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