Friday Notebook, July 13: Parallels RAS 16.5; iOS USB restricted mode

Also: Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager, Tim Mangan’s TMEdit; Cloudhouse; Surface Go; Tintri; Yubikey; Leostream; and much more.

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Kyle: Yubikey is hot in the security space, so we tested the consumer experience. Physical two factor authentication might be making a comeback with Yubico’s Yubikey, so we decided to see what the consumer experience is like.

Jack: What’s Leostream up to? Their wide-ranging broker is just as valuable in today’s cloud world. Since Leostream just released version 9.0 of their connection broker, we decided to see what they’ve been up to since our last article about them way back in 2016.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: Augmented reality and mixed reality 101. The first GO 365 video showcase of July looks at where we are at for mixed reality and augmented reality in 2018 and provides some enterprise use cases.

Jack: PSA: Every IT shop should be testing the iOS 12 beta. Smaller companies don’t often test the newest version of mobile OSes, but that should really change, especially with iOS 12 public beta.

Kyle: Chrome extensions come from an official store, but can still be risky. Chrome extensions may first appear safe (after all you can only add them to your browser from the Chrome Web Store), but malware still regularly makes its way to users.

Jack: It’s 2018-Every company already ‘does mobility,’ no matter what. Just because you don’t have custom apps or EMM or a formal strategy in place doesn’t mean your business isn’t already mobile. It’s time to change how you think about mobility.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: Measure remote graphics response time with UXMeter. Magnar Johnsen developed an awesome tool (available as software or hardware) that accurately measure remote graphics response time.

Industry news:

iOS 11.4.1 finally got the long-awaited USB Restricted Mode, which helps combat physical cracking devices like GreyKey by disabling USB data access one hour after a device is last unlocked, or one hour after it is disconnected from a trusted accessory. (More here in my recent article on the topic.) However, the loophole is that you can just plug in most random, untrusted USB accessories and it will reset the one hour time period, as found by the ElcomSoft Blog. A fix may be difficult, according to the blog. However, remember that SOS mode also exists as an option to disable the USB port.

Parallels Remote Access Server 16.5 is out. There’s a long list of new features, which I’ll just let you read here. I spoke to Parallels co-founder and president Jack Zubarev, as well as Victor Fiss, who leads sales engineering. Whenever I'm talking to anybody in the desktop virtualization space, my top questions these days are about the cloud and the changing landscape. So what did Parallels have to say? In the last year, customers have been running trials and doing POCs in public clouds, experimenting with AWS and Azure. As it happens, Azure seems to win out more often in the end. (Their focus is in the mid-market, so they note that the picture may be different in the large enterprise.) Still, the vast majority of their customers are running on-premises, and the over overall number using the public cloud is somewhere in the low single digit percentages. In terms of the market, about 80% of their new customers are conversions from Citrix. Overall, Parallels RAS is growing users and revenue more than 25% per year.

Ivanti announced Unified Endpoint Manager, which combines functionality from Landesk and AppSense. This is something we’ve been expecting ever since Landesk acquired AppSense, so we look forward to digging in. Beyond just bringing consoles together, there are a lot of potential things they could do with this. (The press release mentioned replacing Group Policy with more dynamic policies.) We’ll reach out to see what else they have in mind.

Tim Mangan is at it again, having just released a new tool, TMEdit. TMEdit builds on his previous AppV_Manage, and makes automatic and manual changes to App-V packages without going back to the sequencer. It will be available under a per-user license; Tim’s blog post is here, and more information is here.

Cloudhouse released their MSIX Enterprise Edition. They were one of the first app management vendors to announce support for MSIX, Microsoft's new app packaging format, so it's time to take a deeper dive—stay tuned!

Microsoft announced the Surface Go, a new 10-inch Surface model. It’s Intel-based (and I’m guessing it’ll be a while longer until Microsoft puts their name on another ARM-based Surface). According to Mary Jo Foley, “Microsoft quietly has shifted its goal for Surface hardware from carving out new niches which can be exploited by Microsoft and its OEM partners, to expanding the overall market for Surface.” We don’t really cover the ins and outs of the hardware market, but this fact is certainly interesting. Personally, I’ve never been interested in these kickstand-style devices, and can’t think of a single time I’ve ever seen anyone holding one like a book, but I’m sure this will be popular.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal covered the fall of storage vendor Tintri, which is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy and has laid off most of their workforce. This makes me think of the big rush of storage vendors marketing their wares for VDI a few years ago—for a while, this was one of the hottest topics at and BriForum. But with all that activity, you knew some of them weren’t going to make it.  Of course, we always feel for the people that get put in difficult situations when this happen, and wish them best of luck.

Centrify is being acquired by investment firm Thoma Bravo. Centrify has been self-funded up until now, but this will naturally give them an extra boost. Thoma Bravo has other identity investments, including in Imprivata and SailPoint.

More news that crossed the wires:

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