Friday Notebook, January 31: The iPad at 10; GroundControl; IGEL Disrupt

Also: 1Password Enterprise; Okta’s customer metrics; Login VSI’s new platform; ControlUp and Horizon; and a few other things.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Kyle: Where does 1Password Enterprise Password Manager fit in the EUC landscape? Reduce the chance of a breach due to poor password habits with password vaulting.

Jack: Imprivata acquires GroundControl, the unique iOS management tool that augments MDM. GroundControl can “image” iOS devices and configure settings that MDM can’t touch, and enables shared device usage.

Jack: IGEL Disrupt 2020: My initial report. Windows Virtual Desktop support is officially available; IGEL is working on Workspace ONE and Intune integration.

Kyle: Okta 2020 Businesses@Work report: security and data apps see growth, companies want best of breed. Always interesting to see data-driven studies showing what apps organizations are trending towards.

Industry news

All the patches for the Citrix ADC and Gateway vulnerability are now available.

Login VSI has announced the launch of Login Enterprise, after a soft launch earlier this month. Login Enterprise is based on a new, modern architecture, and brings all of their products together into one enterprise-oriented SKU. We’re going to get a meeting on the books for a full deep dive.

ControlUp 8.1 has a bunch of new VMware Horizon integrations. Citrix admins have always loved ControlUp, now it’s great to see it getting more features for Horizon.

More reads and notes

Brad Rowland and Kevin Goodman published some 2020 predictions over at Among them: 2020 will not be the year of DaaS.

The iPad at 10

With the 10-year anniversary of the unveiling of the iPad, there was a flurry of articles in the last week. One of my favorite iPad articles of the decade was “Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad,” written by Fraser Speirs in 2015. It sings the praises of the iPad in razor-sharp, laugh out loud satire.

Many articles also bemoaned its unfulfilled potential, especially around multitasking and the lack of a real good third-party developer ecosystem, caused by the economic model of the app store. On the other hand, in the enterprise mobility space, we can have successful iPad deployments all around us, largely in frontline use cases like retail, healthcare, and field service.

So, by bemoaning the multitasking capabilities, maybe people are missing the point. I’ve long believed that there can be a blind spot around frontline use cases. Frequent business travelers have taken to the iPad in droves, but it is frontline use cases where enterprises are buying iPads by thousands.

Meanwhile, Apple Watches and AirPods continue to grow like crazy (PDF).

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