Friday Notebook, January 25: Office 365 is finally in the Mac App Store

Also: Jamf Connect; Defining conditional access; MSIX; iOS apps and BYOD; MTD data from Symantec; Citrix earnings; IGEL; CloudJumper growth, and more.

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Our blog posts

Kyle: Our mobile threat data series continues with Symantec. Symantec is the latest security vendor to provide us with some interesting mobile security data

Jack: How is the MSIX app packaging format doing? Check out Tim Mangan’s MSIX Report Card. MSIX runtime gets a C+ for now, but remember, this is the first year of a three-year effort.

Jack: Conditional access (zero trust) is the most important EUC movement since mobile and cloud. How do we put together the “any-any-any” message we’ve been hearing for years? With access policies that take the device, user, app, risks, and other factors into account.

Colm Warner: Enterprise-signed iOS apps on unmanaged devices is a pain. How should we proceed? It’s worth it to see if you can make the alternatives (public distribution or avoiding BYOD) work instead for your enterprise apps for iOS.

Industry news

Office is finally in the Mac App Store. You have to be an Office 365 customer to use it, but it seems like that will be the majority of companies soon. This makes MDM, DEP, and VPP for macOS more useful for more customers, so it’s nice to finally have. The Office for Mac team got a warm welcome back at the Jamf JNUC conference, so let the love fest continue. Now, how about support for managed app configs in the iOS/Android Office clients while we’re at it?

Citrix earnings: 2018 revenue comes in at $2.97 billion, up 5% YoY; subscription revenue is up 45% YOY.

Jamf announced a tighter integration between Jamf Connect and Microsoft Azure AD. Jamf Connect was this the star of the Jamf Nation User Conference last year, so I'm looking forward to digging into the new integrations.

The IGEL Disrupt user conference ran this week in Munich. We’ll be at the U.S. version February 5 and 6, so we’ll get a lot more color then. There were a couple of announcements:

  • IGEL launched IGEL OS 11, and said that their 2018 revenue was over $100 million.
  • IGEL thin clients will now support the Teradici PCoIP software client for Linux, so IGEL users can access Teradici Cloud Access and Amazon Workspaces. IGEL will also resell Teradici Cloud Access Software subscriptions.

Citrix Endpoint Management can now use the Android SafetyNet Attestation API. This is another flavor of mobile threat defense functionality (just one that doesn't happen to use a third-party product). Another step forward for MTD, and another input that can go into conditional access decisions.

CloudJumper announced 200% year-over-year growth, another sign that this whole DaaS thing is going somewhere. I wrote about them last year and had a good chat with the team about Windows Virtual Desktop last fall. (Note: There’s a mistake in their press release which still hasn’t been fixed as of writing. The first sentence says they doubled their revenue, which is not the same as 200% growth, which is tripling their revenue. I talked to their PR rep, who said that 200% (i.e., tripling) is the correct amount.)

Chrome looks to be locking down extensions. (Via Bleeping Computer.) There are possible ramifications for ad blockers (Chrome’s built-in blocker could be favored), but Chrome Extensions can also bring some troubling security risks, so something needs to happen.

Microsoft is pushing styluses for education. (Here as covered by The Verge.) My teacher friends aren’t convinced there’s a huge untapped demand to put styluses in students’ hands, though.

More notes

Windows 10 Mobile is really dead. For real this time. (Via Thurrott.) I’ve joked about it, but I was an off-and-on user several times over the years (here and here), so I feel a bit sad, too.

Benedict Evans on 5G. (Here.)

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