Friday Notebook, January 19: New Citrix product names; Dark Caracal; and more on CES 2018

Also: iOS Security white paper, G Suite Security Dashboard, Kaminario, Microsoft Intune metrics, and news.

This is my weekly log of everything that’s happened in the EUC, EMM, and desktop virtualization space.

Site news

If you haven’t heard yet, Gabe Knuth is leaving TechTarget and to head onto his next adventure. Here’s the news in his words. I’d like to take this chance to again thank Gabe for being a great co-worker, mentor, teacher, and most important of all, friend! Good luck in your next role!

Gabe also spent his last day on the job editing and uploading all the videos from Wednesday’s TeamRGE and GeekOut 365 online event. Thanks, Gabe! Also, a huge thank you to all of the attendees, presenters, and sponsors that made it a great event. We’ll have all the videos ready to view at in a few days.

What’s next for me and I’ll have a full article on Monday, but the quick version is that we’re hiring another editor for the site, getting a bigger freelance budget, and still 100% dedicated to being the best EUC, desktop virtualization, and enterprise mobility resource we can possibly be!

Industry news

Citrix is renaming all their products, according to a leaked memo acquired by The Register. Reading into it, it sounds like there could be some adjustment of the SKUs, too. Citrix is also setting goals of more active users, more cloud subscribers, and better customer retention, and apparently, making their workplace reputation better after a rough 2017. The name changes aren’t the biggest news in the world and we’ve seen this before, but just make a note in case you were planning on getting any Xen[Product] or NetScaler-themed tattoos. (By the way, for clarity, the article mentions that the news has been shared with analysts under NDA, but that’s not us at—we interact with Citrix on the PR side. Sometimes we’ll get news a few days in advance under embargo, we don’t have any long term NDA info because it’s actually easier to do our jobs without it.)

News about Dark Caracal, a mobile threat discovered by Lookout and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is making the rounds. Is this a sign of the evolving security landscape the world faces? Yes. Is this the smoking gun, red-letter day for mobile security in particular? No. The real story is about the business model of the bad actor, rather than any new Android vulnerability, malware, or threat. The attack involved targeted phishing and installing trojanized Android apps from outside of Google Play. There’s also a desktop component, again involving social engineering rather than exploits. Here’s more from Lookout, and why Android malware delivery is harder than you might think, from my TechTarget colleague Michael Heller.

The number of devices in Microsoft Intune grew by more than 400% in 2017, per Brad Anderson an episode of The Endpoint Zone, released this week. (The starting number for 2017 was “millions” of devices.) More metrics: 70% of devices are using conditional access; in the beginning of 2017, 13% of devices in Configuration Manager were Windows 10, by the end of the year, 30% were.

Google announced a G Suite Security Center Dashboard. Sure, many organizations likely have more powerful third-party products, but I can really get behind this with the idea that there are a lot of small and mid-sized G Suite customers out there that don’t have anything else, and might be able to get something useful out of this. It helps aggregate and surface things like phishing attempts, failed login attempts, compromised devices, etcetera, and then makes recommendations for settings.

The Consumer Electronics Show was a few weeks ago, but if you want an overview, check out this one from former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky. Unless you want to dive into a particular area, it’s the only CES article you need.

Apple’s official iOS 11 security white paper is out (PDF). I haven’t had a chance to do a deep dive yet, and a lot of the new changes have already been dissected (especially Face ID), but in general the previous iterations have been a good, important read.

This week storage vendor Kaminario announced a transition to a software-based business model. As Brian and Gabe have noted over the years, almost all storage vendors are software vendors.

Our blog posts

Melanie Seekins, contributor: The iPhone X isn’t ready for the enterprise, but that’s okay. However, thanks to our old friends BYOD and consumerization, it might be a pain anyway.

A look at Okta’s evolving mobile strategy and their approach to conditional access. Okta is concentrating on making conditional access and native mobile app SSO work with any EMM provider, plus they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Gabe Knuth: Today is my last day at Reflections on the last eleven years as an independent voice in the desktop virtualization community.

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