Friday Notebook, January 11: Citrix Summit 2019 from an outside perspective

Also: Stratodesk and ThinPrint; ClearCube; Cisco; benchmarking audio; how to block sideloaded apps; G Suite accounts; Samsung; OneLogin; and more!

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Our blog posts

Rachel: As remoting gets better, we’re going to have to worry about audio synchronization more. It hasn’t been much of a problem in the past, but it will be in the future. It’s time to start benchmarking audio synchronization performance.

Jack: What is MDM, MAM, EMM, and UEM, and what’s the difference? Learn about mobile device management, mobile app management, enterprise mobility management, and unified endpoint management.

Kyle: How do you block sideloaded app installation on iOS or Android? It’s super easy for someone to download sideloaded apps onto their devices these days, so is it easy for corporations to block them, too?

Jack: Guest access to G Suite can be confusing, but Google has plans to make it easier. G Suite announce Pincode Sharing, to give non-Google accounts access via visitor sessions. This should end a lot of headaches and make things more secure.

Industry news

Citrix Summit 2019 was this week. As outsiders that weren’t at this NDA-bound partner-only event, what can we say on it based on tweets and articles that did make it to the public? As far as I can tell, it was a light year for new announcements, but here’s the buzz:

  • Citrix talked about Sapho a lot, and the community seems enthusiastic. For more on what the acquisition means, head back to my original article about the acquisition and my interview with Tim Minahan. I predict that at Synergy, Sapho will get a new name (Citrix Workflows, perhaps?) and that Citrix will announce plans to integrate it directly into the Citrix Workspace Clients and Citrix Mail app (essentially just like VMware Workspace One Hub and Mobile Flows). A friend noted how similar the Sapho talking points are to what Citrix was saying when they bought Podio in 2012, so we’ll see how this one goes. Having Sapho embedded in Citrix apps will give it a lot better chance of adoption than Podio had, and we’ll see how they leverage the machine learning.
  • Citrix chief channel officer Craig Stillwell gave an interview to, mentioning the sizable market for Citrix Workspace beyond existing desktop virtualization users. Again, these are plans we already knew about, based on my interview with Tim, as well as comments by David Henshall in the 2018 Q3 earnings call. Craig’s interview did have a lot of color on the channel program and the SMB segment, and is worth a read.
  • Mary Jo Foley wrote that at Summit, Microsoft said the Windows Virtual Desktop preview should be coming out this quarter. Citrix also offered comments on how their WVD integration will work, but there weren’t really new details beyond what we knew in October.

There were a handful of partner announcements at Summit:

Samsung’s next Unpacked event—where they launch new Galaxy phones—will be February 20. We’ve been to a few of these, following developments around Knox and DeX. After the last few weeks of news, we know the mobile phone industry is leveling off. I think there’s still a lot of space for new tablets in the extended enterprise (i.e., not as laptop replacements, but as rugged devices and kiosks). I also think Samsung is looking for the next enterprise hit after Knox. Oh, and their new big phone will probably be foldable.

Identity management vendor OneLogin just raised $100 million in growth financing. Their name seems to come up slightly less often than the likes of Okta, Ping, and Azure AD, but they target enterprise employee-facing use cases, so clearly we need to learn more.

Forget location-stealing malware—hackers can just buy your mobile location from your telco, via shady third parties. (Via Motherboard.) I’m guessing more than a few security departments are having some serious discussions with their providers this week.

Yubico announced a lightning Yubikey. (What’s a Yubikey?) It will require an SDK for iOS; hopefully Apple could get on board with native support someday.

More reads and notes

Jason Bayton: “What I’d like to see from Android Enterprise in 2019.” (Link) We agree with all of it!

Bas van Kam: “What happened with Citrix Printing throughout 2018?!” (Link)

Jeremy Moskowitz’ is now Hurray for modern management!

Corrata, a mobile threat defence vendor that addresses mobile phishing, announced an integration with IBM MaaS360.

Speaking of foldable phones, here’s one that’s also two phones in one. Perfect for BYOD!

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