Friday Notebook, January 10: A look ahead at 2020; Citrix Summit preview

Also: EBF; Citrix Workspace intelligent experience; Apple app distribution; private apps in public stores; Stratodesk Velma Lakes; and more!

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: 2019 zeitgeist. The most popular posts of 2019, plus a list of acquisitions, exits, and transitions.

Jack: From the notebook: EBF Onboarder for MDM migration. MDM migrations can be tricky, so EBF Migrator helps keep everything in sync.

Kyle: 2020 Thoughts: I want browser extension security taken seriously & I will cover more desktop virt. New decade but same site.

Jack: 3 EUC inflection points for 2020: WVD, modern management, and yes, BYOD. There are plenty of important topics for 2020, but these will be affected by specific events.

Kyle: Citrix’s employee experience focus unfolds with Workspace intelligent experience at the center. It’s been a year since Citrix started pivoting toward general-purpose customers and acquired Sapho to be front and center of it.

Melanie Seekins: Making sense of Apple’s enterprise app distribution changes. For in-house apps, Apple is now pushing the Custom Apps program (formerly the B2B program) as an alternative to enterprise-signed apps.

Jack: Appdome study: Internal mobile apps in public app stores are becoming common. What does this mean? Putting your internal mobile apps out there for anyone to download might not seem like the obvious thing to do, but it brings distinct advantages and is in line with zero trust trends.

Industry news

Citrix Summit is next week. While the conference is meant for partners, usually some sort of interesting news comes out. My top question is how readily partners that traditionally focused on desktop virtualization will embrace selling all the new user experience features. Are long-time Citrix consultants getting ready to add micro app integration to their skill set? In other news, ahead of Summit, Citrix highlighted the growth of the Citrix Ready Workspace Security Program, and the CVAD service for CSPs now supports multi-tenancy. On the non-partner front, Citrix support for fully managed Android Enterprise devices with work profiles (i.e., COPE) is now GA.

Microsoft announced a bunch of new Microsoft 365 features for firstline workers, including things like push-to-talk in Teams. This is another reminder that sometimes in the EUC space, we need to make sure that we’re not exclusively focused on typical office workers.

Back in December, I profiled Kandji, the newest Mac management vendor out there. This week, they announced support for a ton of different payloads in the restrictions MDM profile. So, if you haven’t heard about them and missed our article, now is a good time to head back to it.

Stratodesk released the next version of NoTouch Desktop, called Velma Lakes. The press release alludes to a variety of new features, but we want to get more details to share, so stay tuned.

Liquidware ProfileUnity 6.8.3 is now GA—this is the version that supports Windows 10 enterprise virtual desktop.

Other reads, news, and notes

Interesting read of the week: The End of the Beginning, by Ben Thompson. Contrary to the idea that Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft will be disrupted in the same way that the PC and the mainframe were, Thompson argues that the current environment is the logical endpoint, comparing the situation to the way that GM, Ford, and Chrysler have dominated the U.S. automotive industry for a century. Looking at this through an EUC lens, now that we’re seeing the end of homogenous Windows PC-centric environments (replaced by mobile and cloud), there may be no new epochs for a while.

I’ve always been a fan of Chromebooks, and the enterprise features and management options are quite good, but I definitely found myself nodding along to this piece at, Chrome OS has stalled out.

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