Friday Notebook, February 7: MSIX Report Card; the state of tech

Also: Stratodesk; more on IGEL Disrupt; BlackBerry; Workspot; Lookout partnerships; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Kyle: What’s new in Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS Velma Lakes release? Stratodesk overhauled their thin client software with new management, cloud, and architectural features.

Jack: Infographic: When to use MDM, MAM, and other EMM techniques. A visual guide to how Android Enterprise, iOS MDM, and mobile threat defense apply to BYOD, COPE, embedded devices, and the extended enterprise.

Jack: IGEL Disrupt 2020, Part 2: Updated UD3, new UMS web console, and session notes. Jed Ayres is now CEO; how the Frame client works on IGEL OS; WVD on Azure Stack; and more.

Jack: BlackBerry combines Cylance, Awingu, browsing, and offline doc editing/email into BYO laptop bundle. BlackBerry’s secure browser and email for the desktop is evolving into a full workspace (or workplace, as it is) offering.

Kyle: A look at how Lookout integrates with Microsoft, Google, and VMware for unmanaged devices. Working with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and VMware is a coup for Lookout.

Industry news

TCL—the company that licensed the BlackBerry brand to make Android phones with keyboards and the BlackBerry-augmented version of Android—is not renewing its license with BlackBerry. (Via Twitter and 9to5Google.) Of course, we’ve been following BlackBerry’s shift from a hardware to software company for years, and that transition has been complete for a while, so this is just a footnote for most of us. As an interesting aside, while we focus on BlackBerry UEM, they still have a big business in embedded and IoT software, and they even have a hardware device in the shipping industry.

Tim Mangan has released his second annual MSIX report card, and this year he also did a community survey. The short version is that there’s been progress on multiple fronts, but it’s still early. You can find the reports at Tim’s website and at, a new community website dedicated to MSIX.

Workspot’s Cloud Desktop Fabric was officially released in January, and this week our new TechTarget colleague Mike Gleason covered the release. We previewed the Cloud Desktop Fabric last October, and recently I spent an afternoon with Amitabh Sinha getting a closer look. My write up is in the queue for next week.

Citrix is putting on more editions of Converge, their micro/workflow app developer conference, in Prague, March 25-26, and in Bangalore, April 1-2.

More reads and notes

Former Andressen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans’ big annual state of tech presentation is now out. This presentation “looks at what it means that 4bn people have a smartphone; we connected everyone, and now we wonder what the Next Big Thing is, but meanwhile, connecting everyone means we connected all the problems.” This statement covers tech in general, but sounds a lot like the state of EUC, too. The presentation provides essential context for anyone doing anything related to tech, and his newsletter is great, too (it was the inspiration for the Friday Notebook).

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