Friday Notebook, February 23: Appdome on AppConfig; More iOS 11.3 MDM features

Also: Citrix's UEM roadmap; full VMware Horizon desktops on Azure; and more.

This is a weekly log of everything that’s happened in the EUC, EMM, and desktop virtualization space.

Our articles and news we covered

The top enterprise mobility management resources - February 2018 Edition. Want to get started in enterprise mobility? Trying to answer a question? Start with this freshly-updated list.

Where does Citrix Analytics fit, and where does it not fit? By Jo Harder. Citrix Analytics service is on its way, but will its visibility be broad enough?

Google announces Android Enterprise Recommended program. Android enterprise requirements mean that it's already almost everywhere, but the new program address additional enterprise device concerns.

A closer look at ARM and what it means for Windows 10 laptops. By Rachel Berry. The Windows 10 on ARM laptops are due this spring, and just last week we learned more about the limitations of the solution. In this article, Rachel takes a closer look at the background, advantages, and potential pitfalls.

Industry news

Last fall, Appdome announced a version of their Fusion product that could add certain MAM features into an app package, and then expose them to MDM control via standard AppConfig interfaces. Since then, they’ve found that some AppConfig implementations involve working with EMM or OEM-specific calls. To that end, this week Appdome announced support for some vendor-specific calls. There’s a lot to dig into here, and we’ll have to spend some time getting into the weeds of why some implementations differ. But in the meantime, I think Appdome’s work with MAM SDKs, multiple EMM vendors, and AppConfig is very interesting. (Recent MDM efforts have done away with certain use cases, but maybe someday my 5-year-old(!) dream of a universal MAM SDK could finally be realized.)

The iOS 11.3 beta is out. We’ve already discussed its ability to delay OS updates, but there’s more where that came from! VMware outlined some of the features in a blog post, including finer details for device updates, USB device pairing, and Bluetooth controls. For more details, check out Apple’s Configuration Profile Reference and MDM Protocol Reference and do a search for 11.3. (Also, I just learned via VMware and, that with iOS 11.2, you can now update an enterprise app while it’s locked into Single App Mode.)

The Citrix XenMobile Migration Service (for on-premises to XenMobile Service) is now available. Also, Gabe’s question about Citrix’s plans for unified endpoint management should hopefully be answered soon, as Citrix is kicking off a series of blog posts with a mention of an “aggressive roadmap.”

VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure’s support for full virtual desktops (as opposed to just RDS) is now available in beta. Also in Horizon news, VMware will offer an extended service branch for Horizon 7.

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