Friday Notebook, December 6: AWS re:Invent; WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol; overview of hybrid PaaS

Also: Cameyo; Microsoft Endpoint Manager; RPA; SCCM; Banyan; Windows 7 ESU promotional offer; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Kyle: Understanding robotic process automation: Connecting legacy apps to modern processes. Don’t let old, crappy apps keep your organization from implementing automation.

Kyle: Vendor briefing notes: A look at Cameyo, which provides remote apps from the cloud. Cameyo also touts extensive G Suite integration, Azure support, and more.

Jack: A closer look at Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the new combination of Intune and SCCM. Pick and choose your management styles—co-management can be a destination, and SCCM isn’t going away.

Kyle: AWS IAM Access Analyzer should help keep S3 buckets and objects from being public. Due to the complexity around AWS permissions, it’s easy to accidentally misconfigure buckets and leave them open to the public.

Jack: Do you want to get rid of SCCM, keep it forever, or do something in between? I thought about calling this article “SCCM is dead! Long live SCCM!” but then I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night.

Industry news

Surrounding AWS re:Invent this week, desktop virtualization partners made a couple announcements: Citrix Web App Firewall is now in the AWS Marketplace; Citrix Application Delivery Controller is validated on AWS Outposts; and VMware announced a bunch more big reference customers for VMware Cloud on AWS.

Prior to re:Invent, we learned about the Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol, which is in beta. The product page has a quite lengthy description. We’re working on getting a briefing. Remember that Stephen Vilke, the co-founder of Framehawk, has been at AWS for the last couple of years.

Banyan Security has raised a $17 million funding round. I wrote about Banyan back in July; their product can take in signals to make conditional access decisions, and then control access through a variety of proxies.

Google announced that 80% of Android apps are now encrypting traffic with TLS by default. This was at 20% just a year ago.

IGEL recently announced the launch of a training program, called IGEL Academy; and this week they announced deeper integration with the AMD processors on their UD7 thin clients.

ThinPrint announced ThinPrint 12, and it looks like there are a wide variety of new features.

Microsoft customers that have EA or EAS  and E5 licenses will be able to get a year of Windows 7 extended support updates for free, as part of a promotion running through January 14. Here are the details.

Other reads, news, and notes

Kevin Kaminsky interviewed Tim Mangan on the latest on MSIX App Attach, for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Marious Sandbu has written an article I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, an overview of the battle for hybrid PaaS

VMware’s Andrew Morgan (and former BriForum speaker!) detailed how and why he built Horizon Reach, a service that gives customers a view into all the pods in their Cloud Pod Architecture.

Upcoming versions of the Microsoft Office apps for iOS and Android will have features for “microtasks.” (Via Mary Jo Foley.) This seems consistent with the workflow app and micro app trends we’ve been watching for a few years now.

The Russian government passed a law requiring devices to come with pre-installed apps created by Russian developers; Apple called this the equivalent of jailbreaking. (Via MacRumors.)

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