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This content is part of the Essential Guide: VMworld 2018 conference coverage

Friday Notebook, August 31: All VMworld, all the time

Also: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1808 (the name is officially changed); Better; ThinPrint; and OEMconfig.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: VMworld 2018 live blog. Coverage of the Monday morning keynote and Monday evening EUC keynote.

Kyle/Jack: VMworld 2018 with guests Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth - Podcast #134. The old gang (and the new) get back together for a VMworld podcast and discuss the show’s first day.

Kyle: VMworld 2018 First impressions: EUC isn’t totally ignored. Kyle’s initial impressions from the show. EUC might not be in the spotlight, but it isn’t absent from VMworld 2018, either.

Jack: “What did you think of the show?” (VMworld 2018 Edition). My thoughts on Workspace One news, trends I noticed, EUC buzz, and overall feelings from VMware VMworld 2018.

Kyle: GeekOut 365 video: What datacenter GPU options are there? Ruben Spruijt reviews the different options available for datacenter GPUs.

VMworld news

You can find all of our initial VMworld coverage in the articles listed above, but for completeness, here are key press releases and blog posts:

  • Overview blog from Shankar and Noah: “Workspace ONE Once Again Raises the Bar for Modern Management, Desktop Virtualization, and End User Services.”
  • Blog: “What’s New With Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management.”
  • Blog: “Dell and VMware Re-imagine PC Deployment Possibilities.”
  • Blog: “Building on the Success of Workspace ONE.” (All about the Workspace One Hub)
  • Blog: “Sneak Peek: See What the Hype around Horizon is All About.”
  • Press release: “VMware Extends Digital Foundation to Edge and IoT.” (Including Project Dimension.)

Other VMworld announcements we noted:

  • Lakeside SysTrack 8.4 with AIOps. (I recorded a podcast that we’ll post on Monday.)
  • ThinPrint announced a new strategy around integrating with unified endpoint management. This isn’t a huge change, but it does serve as a guidepost for decisions going forward. ThinPrint Mobile Print, from earlier this year, is the most recent piece of this.
  • As mentioned last week, Liquidware soft-announced upcoming features for all three of their products, FlexApp, ProfileUnity, and Stratosphere UX.

Industry news

Citrix “Virtual Desktops and Apps 7 1808” (i.e. the newest versions of XenDesktop and XenApp, with their new names) are out. This release includes a range of features we talked about over the summer; there’s also news that Citrix is planning another LTSR version later in 2019.

More notes from the week:

  • In the “features that I wish my EFSS platform had” department, Microsoft announced some new OneDrive for Business machine learning and AI features, including video and audio transcription and the ability to search for text in photos. Personally, this is some of the stuff that makes it feel like the gee-whizz future is finally arriving.
  • Better Mobile security, a mobile threat defense vendor, is joining the several other MTDs that have integrated with Intune. While they came out with a splash several years ago, they haven’t felt nearly as present in the industry over the last year or two. But with this integration, and with some new phishing protection capabilities, it’s clearly time for me to catch up.
  • Learn more about Android Enterprise OEM config—Jason Bayton dives into OEMconfig for Sony, including how to administer it with MobileIron and Workspace One.
  • Flexera is launching their support for MSIX. (Press release.)

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