Friday Notebook, August 16: WVD is “feature complete;” UEM Magic Quadrant

Also: Broadcom buys Symantec; more notes from Black Hat; Apple bug bounties; VMware DaaS on VMC on AWS; EMM resources; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Kyle: Black Hat 2019: Learning about the latest in authentication, workspaces, and security. Didn’t quite live up to the hype, but I still enjoyed my time there (even if I was in Vegas).

Kyle: Apple finally expands bug bounty program, talks about research devices at Black Hat. Apple has started opening up more recently, showing they’re more willing to consider outside opinions on security now.

Jack: VMware is planning a new DaaS offering on VMware Cloud on AWS, called Managed Desktops Solution. Most of the details are unknown at this time, but it could add another new option in the matrix of Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud offerings.

Jack: The essential enterprise mobility management (EMM) resources, version 1908. Want to get started in enterprise mobility? Trying to answer a question? Start with this curated list!

Jack, on SearchMobileComputing: Clear up the confusion about end-user computing. Today's end-user computing industry is the culmination of a decade of changes in mobility, desktops, virtualization and more. Dive in to what really qualifies as EUC.

Industry news

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management is out, and many vendors wrote about it this week. (I happened to click on Microsoft’s article first, which has a download link with no registration required.) On my first look, I noticed that Citrix’s ranking has improved—last year they had fallen out of the “leaders” category, but now they’re back in it, and above MobileIron. Also, it really seemed like Gartner’s “Cautions” for VMware are fairly minor. As we know, there’s a lot more that goes into choosing an EMM/UEM solution, but this will make for a good Friday afternoon read.

Last week, I wrote that we still don’t know when Windows Virtual Desktop will go GA, but this week I had to update that article. On Monday, Scott Manachester tweeted that Microsoft is “feature complete with WVD and will be moving to the final phase for GA.” That still isn’t an exact date, and Microsoft isn’t saying anything else, but either way, it seems unlikely that we’ll have to wait all the way until Ignite in November for it to be GA.

Here’s TechTarget’s Ed Scannell on Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec. Focusing on our corner of Symantec products, we’ve noted their past less successful efforts in EUC. However, mobile threat defense was a much brighter spot after they acquired Skycure and Appthority. Symantec is expected to shrink, and some folks are predicting a repeat of the Intel-McAfee deal.

Other reads, news, and notes

Google is rolling out FIDO2 support to more of its services.

Engadget overview of Huawei’s HarmonyOS. If they ever stop using Android on phones, this could be the OS they would turn to, though for now, they’re avoiding this and you can think of it more as an OS for other devices (similar to Tizen).

The VDI Like a Pro group released a sneak preview video of their State of EUC 2019 survey.

BriForum speaker Zach Hughes reflects on lessons from BriForum and the Citrix community.

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I assume this is the end of Symantec as they're digested and combined with Computer Ascosiates