Friday Notebook, April 27: Citrix sues Workspot; ThinPrint Mobile Print

Also: New RDSH performance counters; Windows 10 CloudE; McAfee and Ericom; Synergy 2018 preview; and much more!

This is a weekly log of everything that’s going on in EMM, EUC, and desktop virtualization.

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What I want to see at Citrix Synergy 2018. More on XenApp and XenDesktop Service; a better identity message; more on unified endpoint management; and pricing and packaging for Citrix Analytics.

Microsoft says RDSH is coming to a Server 2019 preview soon. (Update: It's back!) There’s still speculation about multi-user Windows 10, though.

Industry news

Citrix is suing Workspot for patent infringement, after “multiple attempts to inform Workspot of the false and misleading nature of their public statements.” More awkwardness, especially now that former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton is an advisor for Workspot. A lot of people feel that this is an unflattering move for Citrix. Workspot responded, calling the lawsuit baseless.

Also on the Citrix front, Q1 earnings are out, and revenue is up about 5%. Subscription revenue was up 49%. There’s more to dig through in the transcript, but if there’s anything juicy, we’ll undoubtable talk about it between now and Synergy.

This week ThinPrint announced a new product, ThinPrint Mobile Print. It utilizes mostly existing technology, but packages it in a way that should allow ThinPrint to address a broader market—Mobile Print is a freestanding SKU, instead of being linked Cortado Corporate Server or to ThinPrint’s desktop virtualization-oriented offerings. It also integrates with third-party MDMs to automatically configure printers natively for iOS and Android. It should be quite useful in a range of scenarios—think retail, medical, hospitality, and similar environments where printing is common and iPads and other mobile devices are spreading.

Not only is RDSH back in the Windows Server 2019 preview, Microsoft just announced new performance counters. They are User Input Delay per Process and User Input Delay per Session.

Evidence surfaced this week about a possible new version of Windows 10, variously referred to as Windows 10 Lean or Windows 10 CloudE. (Via ZDNet.) The OS is cut down and omits some apps and components; plus the preview also has telephony APIs. To me, this sounds like it could be a version for embedded devices, handheld computers, and kiosks, just like Windows CE—I mean, the hint is right there in “CloudE,” right? Jarian Gibson suggested it could be a new version of Windows Thin PC.

McAfee Web Gateway is integrating Ericom Shield, a remote browser. We covered Shield last year, and we’ve always been curious where remote browsing will go. In this case, it’s positioned as a way to view sketchy websites while on a corporate device. (The other way to use a remote browser would be to secure enterprise sites on unmanaged devices, an idea that I like a lot since it’s similar to using MAM for BYOD. This is less common, though.)

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