Friday Notebook, April 20: RSA 2018 edition; Azure Sphere

Also: RDSH on Server 2019, Garrison, Citrix Cloud adoption, Addigy, and more.

This is a weekly log of everything that’s going on in EMM, EUC, and desktop virtualization.

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Rachel Berry: Garrison’s unique hardware-based remote browsing brings some interesting advantages. This remote browser is meant to keep the nasties of the internet out of your environment.

Microsoft says RDSH is coming to a Server 2019 preview soon. There’s still speculation about multi-user Windows 10, though.

An introduction to Mac management vendor Addigy, who just got into MDM for iOS. The Apple management action continues!

Jo Harder: Raise your hand if you’re using Citrix Cloud services. Citrix has been proactively marketing cloud services for about two years, but why is the adoption rate low?

Industry news

The 2018 RSA conference was running all week in San Francisco. I treat the show in an opportunistic way--it’s a good place to catch up with folks and it's interesting to see what announcements come out of it, but otherwise doesn’t have a huge impact on the EUC/mobile/desktop virtualization space.

Microsoft started off on Monday by announcing Azure Sphere, a stack of offerings for IoT. It has three main components: A royalty-free reference design and certification program for microcontrollers, a Linux-based OS for said microcontrollers, and management services from Azure. It’s targeted at devices that are advanced enough to be connected, but too small for Windows 10 IoT Core.

Microsoft had a whole slew of other security-related announcements, including:

  • Automated Threat Detection and Remediation in Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Conditional access based on Windows Defender ATP. (Blog post.)
  • An API for the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.
  • Conditional access for files protected by Azure Information Protection (AIP), plus new extensibility features to integrate conditional access for AIP with other security products. (Blog post.)
  • Customers will be able to see their “secure score” for Microsoft 365 (similar to the one for Office 365).
  • FIDO2 support in Windows 10 preview, for passwordless logins. (Blog post.)
  • Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Chrome on Windows. (More here.)

Citrix put out a press release about Citrix Analytics Service. We still don’t know some of the most important details--pricing and packaging--but we’ll likely hear those at Synergy. Availability is targeted for sometime this quarter. At RSA this week I got to spend some time looking at demos and talking to the product marketing team, and I’ll write that up for my Synergy preview post next week.

If you’re into MDM, be sure to listen to Russ Mohr and Aaron Freimark talk about iOS 11.3 on the MobileIron podcast. They cover OS update controls, managed contacts, Apple Business Manager, and more.

As it turns out, some people see iOS 11.3’s managed contacts feature as more of a bug (or at least an unexpected annoyance)--see this Intune support article. What if you want to manage document sharing but not contacts? We’ll see if this gets addressed in the future.

Last, but not least, here are some other good reads that crossed my desk this week:

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