Friday Notebook, April 19: More identity news; a look at Mosyle

Also: Passwords; conditional access; Android Security; Google Cloud Identity; ManageEngine; macOS 10.15; and a bit more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: What’s the number-one security issue keeping me up at night? Passwords. After two weeks discussing the latest in identity management, the biggest worry is still passwords associated with unmanaged SaaS apps, where it’s hard to protect user identities.

Jack: Conditional access (zero trust) is the most important EUC movement since mobile and cloud. How do we put together the “any-any-any” message we’ve been hearing for years? With access policies that take the device, user, app, risks, and other factors into account. (Reposted from earlier this year.)

Kyle: Android Security & Privacy 2018 report: Continued maturation of Google’s security efforts. PHA numbers continue to show a decline, as Google refines and adds to their Android security posture.

Jack: An update on Google Cloud Identity, Google’s IDaaS and EMM platform. The company that spawned BeyondCorp can now sell you all the pieces you need to make it happen, and is now leaning on partners to help keep endpoints in line.

Industry news

ManageEngine is getting into the IDaaS game, with the announcement of Identity Manager Plus. ManageEngine and Zoho are known as being a cheaper alternative to a lot of products; I run into a considerable number of users in the wild, and their EUC offerings are fairly broad these days.

Amid a ton of macOS 10.15 rumors this week, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is planning to expand the use cases for authenticating to a Mac via an Apple Watch. Currently, you can use an Apple Watch to unlock macOS when you’re on the same network, and it’s awesome. It would be great if macOS and watchOS work out for FIDO2 support. We’ll find out in less than two months at WWDC.

What’s new in VMware Identity Manager 19.03.

Nerdio announces Nerdio for Azure Core (via VMblog). We haven’t written about their offerings for a while—clearly it’s time for a catch up.

More notes and reads

Google released a new white paper describing the Android security model. Apparently, this is the first time some of the underlying concepts have been formally published. Either way, it’s a good read if you’re not familiar.

I caught up with Fleetsmith CEO Zach Blum, on the occasion of their recent funding. They’re at 1,500 customers (see what I’ve been saying about the Mac space being hot?) and they’re planning to triple their headcount, from their current level of 30.

Vendor Spotlight: Mosyle

A while back, I had the pleasure speaking to Alcyr Araujo, the CEO of Mosyle. Mosyle is an Apple-oriented management vendor, founded in Brazil in 2012. They started out as an iPad-based learning management system, and then released their full education-oriented macOS, iOS, and tvOS management platform in 2016. Mosyle is now based in the US, and Alcyr told me that they’re in 9,000 schools (including the Cupertino school district).

In January, they launched a business-oriented version, and raised a $16 million A round. Most recently, Alcyr was on the Mac Admins Podcast (which you should definitely subscribe to). I haven’t seen any specific numbers recently, but it’s safe to say that the total addressable market for Mac management in the enterprise is huge. We’ll keep on eye on what Mosyle is up to.

Coming up

I’ll be speaking at three upcoming events:

  • The VDI Performance Summit, May 2. It’s online and free, so anyone can register and attend!
  • The GroundControl Connect, New York City, May 6. GroundControl does some real interesting and unique stuff with iOS, and I’m looking forward to joining their user conference.
  • Citrix Synergy, May 22. I’m looking forward to hearing the latest from Citrix. My session will cover... you guessed it... identity! Watch out for details in the session catalogue soon.

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