Friday Notebook, April 12: Citrix Casting; Fleetsmith; Addigy; and more on Google Cloud Next 2019

Also: More on Oktane 2019; Citrix SD-WAN on GCP; Microsoft’s power play; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: More things we learned at Oktane 2019: Okta Access Gateway; security roadmap; and EUC anecdotes. As authentication gets stronger, other parts of the user flow will get more attention, too.

Jack: Google Cloud Next 2019 starts today—Here are the questions we’re asking. Google already affects almost every part of IT; Google Cloud has ambitions to become an enterprise giant, as well.

Kyle: Google Cloud Next 2019: End user computing news. BeyondCorp gets revamped and more Google Cloud security product announcements.

Industry news

Well, it was a big week at Google Cloud Next 2019. From all of our meetings, we have some product deep dives that we’re putting together for next week. To see more right now, Google has put together Day 1 and Day 2 announcement recap posts. I’ll point out a few things:

  • At the show, Google Cloud announced Partner of the Year awards, and two of the technology segment winners had to do with desktop virtualization: NVIDIA and Itopia.
  • I had a chance to chat with the Itopia team, and to answer questions we posed about Google’s new Managed Active Directory offering, it can absolutely be used with desktop workloads. Itopia has been working on this with Google, and will be including it in their offerings. Pricing for the new managed AD service has not been announced yet.
  • Citrix announced Citrix SD-WAN on GCP, available in the GCP Marketplace. Plus, Citrix plans to make other products available in the Marketplace, too.
  • Several vendors in our space will be part of the BeyondCorp Alliance, including VMware and Lookout.

Fleetsmith announced a $30 million B round of funding, bringing their total to $40.8 million, plus this they also announced a new admin console. I’ve been saying this for a while now, but the Mac management space is really heating up!

Also in Mac management news (see what I mean about Macs heating up?), Addigy announced a community program to collect and curated management scripts and queries. This is meant as a community sharing thing, but Addigy will also use this as a way to see what new features customers are interested in. Back in March, Addigy announced identity integration between the Addigy console and Google Cloud Identity / G Suite identities.

Citrix Casting, which can be used to roam sessions from a mobile device to a Workspace Hub (or to mirror sessions from a laptop) is now available from the iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows versions of the Workspace App. Check out Chris Fleck’s overview podcast and video. We’ve written about Workspace Hub in the past, but now that Casting is out, this really does look like it could be the killer feature for it. (Now that I think about it, I wonder if there’s anything that would prevent IGEL, Wyse, or any other thin client vendors from supporting it. I’ll add that to my list of questions for Synergy!)

More notes and reads

Ojas Rege, of MobileIron: “Microsoft’s power play.” This is about Microsoft tying some Office 365 and Azure AD management features to Intune, making it harder for third-party EMM vendors. Most people outside of Microsoft see this as an anti-competitive move, reminiscent of the old days; folks on Microsoft’s side generally make arguments that the functionality requires proprietary integration.

My Friday afternoon reading: Citrix’s new guide to using Citrix with the WVD Preview.

“How is Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge really different from Chrome?” This very clearly-titled article comes from Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet.

Citrix Tech Zone now has a document history page, with an RSS feed. Long live RSS! (I’m a fan.)

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