Friday News round up: August 31, 2007

Here are the stories and conversations that people are thinking and talking about this week: Citrix Web Interface 4.6 now supports true color icons for published applications.

Here are the stories and conversations that people are thinking and talking about this week:

  • Citrix Web Interface 4.6 now supports true color icons for published applications. Unfortunately, you have to delete and re-publish your apps since the icons are stored in the data store. Aaron Parker details the procedure.
  • A company called Pano Logic has created what appears to be the world's smallest thin client device. They sell this thing as a service for $20 per month, and it's purpose-built to connect to a hosted desktop. Essentially it's a super-thin client for use with their own solution.
  • Brian stumbled across a website called that purports to be a source for scripts, tools, and utilities for Citrix and Terminal Server admins. We're not sure what the redistribution rights are for these tools, and Citrix usually sends cease and desist letters to people who make websites with the word "citrix" in the domain, so check this site out before it vanishes.
  • Citrix shareholders sue over alleged stock options backdating. From everything I've heard, this doesn't seem to be a big deal. Citrix is working to restate earnings as far back as 2004 to get this all straightened out.
  • Windows Server 2008 has been delayed again. Microsoft was saying it would release to manufacturing 4Q 2007, but they've pushed that back to 1Q 2008. They're still planning the launch event for February 27, whatever that means.
  • Have you seen the SoftGrid blog on MSDN? Good stuff from the team at Microsoft...
  • Ever since Microsoft announced its Viridian strategy, VMware has been cutting prices. ESX is lower. GSX is free. has written that VMware will announce a $3000 small business package of ESX (VI3) that will be good for three ESX servers plus one VirtualCenter instance to manage them.

App Delivery Companies in the Stock Market

Citrix (CTXS) closed at $36.06 last night, up from $34.99 a week ago

Microsoft (MSFT) closed at $28.45 last night, up from $28.30 a week ago

VMware (VMW) closed at $68.46 last night, down from $70.20 a week ago

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Instead of deleting and re-publishing every application, won't selecting the new icon in the published app properties update it? Doesn't this replace the original icon in the Datastore?


You think could cause an issue with the legal beagles at CTX... take a look at - a P2P application. The app is even branded with the word Citrix.


There's another website that has been around for a while - looks like the default page changed to a WI.

That is correct.. You do NOT need to delete and re-publish every app.  Just select a new the ICON.  There seems to be a lack of fact checking lately.



Don't worry about the legal beagles at Citrix; the "scripts" on citrixtools dot com are plain laughable. A batch file with dsmaint backup in is not a script. The VBScripts are ridiculously simple and a quick Google can turn up better. The only one that is mildly useful is the script to list printer properties; again a quick google would turn up the same script. Of course I'm not saying these scripts were copied from a Google search :o/ There are NO tools there useful for any Citrix admin. How about a script to automatically create 400 ThinPrint queues from the existing printers, including importing form and tray sizes? I had to work that out myself seeing as ThinPrint provide no tools whatoever to help, despite spending >50k (with another 50k to come) on their product!

Do yourself a favour and go and look at some of the "scripts" and "tools"