Farewell (for now)

This will be my last post. I'm not going to write about strategy or anything else, but more of a way to let you all know that it has been great writing content for Brian and Gabe.

This will be my last post.  I'm not going to write about strategy or anything else, but more of a way to let you all know that it has been great writing content for Brian and Gabe.  Back in May, Brian asked me to take what I was doing on my old blog and start writing for BM.com.  I, of course, was stoked be able to share my viewpoints, best practices, etc with his following on the site.  I've shared many things in those 7 months, like how to build a solid business case for your projects (which I still need to finish), how to have a conversation with your management about the importance of application delivery, and my input on the "cloud computing" hype. 

It has been a great run and I have thanked Brian privately for the opportunity to share my thoughts and such with the rest of the community but I'll thank him here publicly; Thanks Brian for the chance to share my thoughts and experiences with the readers of BM.com.

What am I going to do now?  Well my day job keeps me very busy with design reviews, architecture work, some implementation work, etc, I still work to build the Citrix user community here in Iowa and the surrounding states, I have made taking Geek Speak Live out on the road a passion and bringing the great conversations to the hinterlands, I continue to keep the Iowa Citrix Users Group going and planning on doing a lot more with that in 2009, and I continue to speak about business and technology, strategy, etc to local groups.  So in addition to my "real job", I'll continue to have a voice in the community. You may even see me pop in here every once in a while if Brian and Gabe want a contribution.

Lastly, but definitely not least, I wanted to thank all of you for giving me a chance to share my voice, thoughts, etc.  I'm working on a new gig so keep your eyes and ears open (at least those of you out there that read my stuff).

I wish Brian and Gabe the best in their new jobs at TechTarget and the renewed focus on "hard core" technical content here in BM.com. 



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Thanks Kevin...maybe I'll snag that and go from there....LOL


Yeah, for $1785, I'll let www.michaelkeen.com go.  I thought it would be better, so I took the .info extension.  Thanks for the great idea Kevin

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