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There was an interesting article in the latest edition of CIO Insight magazine recently that caught my eye regarding "emerging technologies". There were some very interesting findings in this survey of IT executives around technologies ranging from "cloud computing/development in the cloud" to "browser-based data visualization".

There was an interesting article in the latest edition of CIO Insight magazine recently that caught my eye regarding "emerging technologies".  There were some very interesting findings in this survey of IT executives around technologies ranging from "cloud computing/development in the cloud" to "browser-based data visualization".  There were some questions around "storage virtualization" and "application virtualization".  This is what I wanted to highlight here along with some of the insights around the "cloud computing/development in the cloud".

The respondents to this survey were from companies with 2007 revenues between $5 million and $100 million (111 companies), companies with revenues of $100 million to $999 million (101 companies), and companies with revenues of $1 billion or more (70 companies).

"CIOs say their companies invest in new technologies primarily to improve business processes.", but to "get support from business executives, CIOs say, the cost-cutting argument goes the farthest".  Not surprising in these tough economic times in my opinion.  I have numerous times needed to show more of the ROI and reduced TCO when talking about large implementations.  I think if the economy continues on its current track I think it could be a turbulent times for the adoption of emerging technologies.  The author of this article, Brian P. Watson, puts forth a statement that I take as a boon for the Citrix Delivery Center platform of technologies.  Brian states that "a growing number of companies are considering the use of smart phones as mobile clients, giving increased credibility to the long-time hype around the power of mobility".  I think if it was "long-time" aren't we past the hype?  I know that I have been working "on the go" for many years now.  With all the different technologies out there I can see that it is a dizzying blur of trying to make a decision for these CIOs.  I know that with all the FUD and with the strained economy, CIOs are very wary of making any decisions around the testing or adoption of emerging technologies.  I agree with Brian on this point, "failure to invest now can put businesses well behind their competition."

So what were the numbers around "storage virtualization"?  Out of 282 respondents, 32% stated that they have storage virtualization deployed (this number is significatly higher than in 2007 where only 24% of respondents had storage virtualization deployed).  32% are in the testing/piloting phase, 35% are only evaluating/tracking where the technology is, and 11% showed "no interest/not on radar screen".

"Application Virtualization" had some interesting responses as well.  I must add that "application virtualization" was "significantly more active in companies seeking to reduce business costs".  So out of the 282 respondents, 26% currently have application virtualization deployed.  21% are currently testing/piloting the technology.  39% are currently evaluating/tracking the technology, this is compared with 25% in 2007.  15% responded that they had no interest/not on radar screen. Now I have asked Brian what technologies make up this question on the survey and he responded that they "don't ask about specific vendor tools in these surveys"  So I can only assume that they are talking about Microsoft Softgrid, Citrix Application Streaming, etc.  I'm also assuming here that the 39% of people that are evaluating/tracking this technology are looking into their specific apps and if they will work.  I'm sure as the technology progresses into more of the mainstream (meaning that it isn't viewed by CIOs as "emerging technology") this number will transfer into the piloting/testing category.

Around the "cloud computing/development in the cloud" category, 51% said they had no interest/not on radar screen.  Interesting I think considering this is where folks seem to think we are heading (Nicholas Carr in particular).  On the flip-side though there are 31% of respondents that are evaluating/tracking in this category and only 6% have this deployed.

As far as the "smart phones as mobile clients" category, most CIOs are using this technology to reduce costs and to seek revenue generation.  This is only one out of two categories in this whole survey that have both items.  The other one was SOA (which includes SODA, SOBA, and standards like SOAP).  35% of the 282 respondents stated that they have this currently deployed, with 19% testing/piloting, and 32% evaluating/tracking this category.  I think Citrix has positioned itself nicely to take full advantage of the potential in this category.

You can check out the whole article and survey findings here.

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The reason I am suspicious is the result of a question I asked on Linkedin regarding the maturity of application virtualization. Only a few responses actually addressed application virtualization and many thought I was talking about hardware virtualization. It would be interesting to know how the question was presented to the respondents and if they properly understood it.


I agree Kevin.  I'm a little suspicious myself that these "IT executives" are just answering and not knowing what they are actually piloting/testing, deploying, or evaluating/tracking.  This is probably a reason why there is such a disconnect in IT and that a majority of projects fail.


I agreed. What those CIO just care about how to lower the total cost...they dont understand the computer terms at all.