Does VMware's evolution from View to Horizon DaaS mean RDSH sessions and seamless apps are coming?

We've written a fair bit on over the past year or so about VMware's lack of RDSH session-based desktop and application options for VDI & DaaS, including: Teradici does what VMware should have done years ago: PCoIP on RDSH (Aug 2012) Is VMware tricking customers into using more expensive VDI where RDSH would meet their needs for a lower cost?

We've written a fair bit on over the past year or so about VMware's lack of RDSH session-based desktop and application options for VDI & DaaS, including:

Regardless of the reason they didn't offer it, the reality is they didn't have the technology, so even if they wanted to offer it they would have had to have built it. But with VMware's October 2013 acquisition of Desktone, they now have the capability to offer session-based desktops. Session-based desktops are built into the Desktop (now known as "Horizon DaaS") platform, and they're currently an option for third party providers running Horizon DaaS and for companies running Horizon DaaS internally. Furthermore, VMware plans to offer session-based desktops on vCHS (via their direct DaaS offering) later this year.

So session-based desktops running on RDSH are an option for Horizon DaaS. What about Horizon View?

This is also something we've talked about in the past. In October I made the prediction that VMware would replace Horizon View with Desktone. Last week I provided more information when I wrote that people I spoke to said that Horizon DaaS won't replace View per se, but that they definitely don't want to have two products and there are certain aspects of each that are better than the other, so ultimately they see Horizon DaaS and View becoming a single platform.

So I wonder if this is how VMware will get into the RDSH session-based desktop space?

Separate from this is the need for VMware to enable single app publishing from their VDI and DaaS platforms. This is something VMware showed off with their "App Blast" technology way back in 2011. Since then this project morphed into VMware "Blast" which is their protocol for delivering Windows desktops via HTML5 browsers. People I spoke to at VMware in the ensuing years basically said, "Seamless applications are really hard and we want to make sure we get it right," though I don't understand what the hold up is since Microsoft offers RemoteApp natively which you'd think VMware could leverage.

I'll say that in doing the research for our DaaS book, Citrix employees and Citrix-focused DaaS providers slapped VMware up-and-down for not offering single app DaaS solutions. I'm not sure whether that's due to an actual competitive advantage or whether it's more based on "here's the one thing we do that they don't, so let's all make a big deal out of this." Either way we definitely talked to enough DaaS providers to know that there's a market for single apps, and we all know from our legacy Citrix and XenApp days that internal use of Windows remoting technology is heavily skewed towards single apps, so maybe VMware's desire to "do it right" means that they'll come out with an RDSH session-based an single app-based solution all at once? (Which would make sense, since single apps are less about "the desktop" which means RDSH sessions are a great fit.)

Regardless, VMware needs to get there soon, with PC-over-IP, whether it comes from Desktone, Horizon DaaS, or View.

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It's this what Sanjay Poonen said during his keynote at VMworld?

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