Diane Greene, CEO of VMware is Fired/Ousted

What is going on at VMware to get Diane Greene fired, besides not making revenue? Is this VMware's bravado coming back to bite them on the you know what?

What is going on at VMware to get Diane Greene fired, besides not making revenue?  

Is this VMware's bravado coming back to bite them on the you know what?  I guess we'll just to wait and see what happens now.

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from virtualization.info http://www.virtualization.info/2008/07/vmware-loses-its-ceo.html
 It’s worth to highlight that the VMware’s Chief Scientist, Mendel Rosenblum, is also her husband.

Michael, Many sources point to the fact she was in fact fired/replaced.

Google fight may say different, but Joe Tucci won this fight...


If the husband quite in the net 6 months, she was fired... If not, she quite ;-)
Glad I sold my stock many months ago - it's dropping by the minute down to $39/share (26% loss in one day)
Just got a lot less dry... can't say I'm sad to see her go.
yes you are correct.  The first story I saw this morning said she was fired.  Thanks for the clarification

The fact vmware was being lead by an engineer was obvious from the quality of their products.  Hope they don't go down the route of certain over companies and put a marketing man in.

sorry, meant to say that the first story I saw this morning actually said she quit...

It is pretty obvious to me that Diane lost out the gigantic ego of Tucci, who let his private anti-Diane feelings take over, rather than for the good of VMwareand its employees. If anything, Tucci could have provided a much better exit for the woman who created this company in the first place, rather than this disgraceful fiasco.

Many of the executive staff were hand picked and groomed by DG. They need to stand by their woman now, rather than cowering to the prospect of being out of a job..



The greatest thing about VMWare is that it was led by engineers.  The people responsible for managing the company were the smartest people in the building.  Then EMC bought them out and they've wanted to transform VMWare into a docile corporate machine.  This is just one step along that path to generic wall-street nonsense.

We can only hope that DG will start another company that will surpass VMware and kick this Tucci *** in the teeth.  Just brace yourselves as the future of VMWare (the product) is looking rather bleak.  They got a manager from Microsoft now, and we all know how that usually works out.