Dell sells their software division to a VC. Don't worry, the Wyse software will stay with Dell

Earlier this week we learned that Dell will sell their software division to a pair of private equity firms, but fortunately the Wyse software will remain part of Dell.

Earlier this week, Dell announced that they're selling their software group to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management. Elliott is getting to be a household name in our industry as they're the ones who did the hostile action at Citrix that forced out Mark Templeton as well as the force behind Dell acquiring EMC. Francisco Partners is a run-of-the-mill SF private equity firm with nothing too spectacular apart from a $10B portfolio.

The word is this sale is for over $2 billion.

The bulk of the Dell Software group is made up of what was Quest Software and SonicWALL. But with April's announcement that Dell was killing vWorkspace, I wondered what that meant for the remaining IP of vWorkspace that's being rolled into the Wyse group?

I reached out to my contacts at Dell and asked them this, specifically, "What does this mean for the Wyse software? What about the IP from vWorkspace? What about Cylance?"

Fortunately they confirmed that this Francisco/Elliott deal will be no change for the Wyse software. That software resides in the Wyse business unit--not the "Dell Software" group--and it will stay there.

Also this means there is no change to the Cylance deal that Dell announced last month. (Which is freakin awesome by the way. I need to write about that.) So all the "Dell data protection" stuff they do with Cylance is in the Wyse BU and is not part of this.

So in the grand scheme of things, it looks like this deal won't have too much of a negative impact on Dell in our space, which is great.

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This reminds me that we haven't heard much from Dell's EMM efforts in over a year. Dell EMM had IP from all over the Dell Software portfolio, including both Wyse and Quest, so I wonder what's happening with that. I'll check with my contacts and try to find out.
I'm very disapointed with DELL with their decision of killing vWorkspace... :(