Cortado’s enterprise mobility management offering is continuing to expand with cool new features

Most people know Cortado for their line of ThinPrint products. (And just to clear up any confusion, they're the same company, they just changed their name from ThinPrint to Cortado a while ago.

Most people know Cortado for their line of ThinPrint products. (And just to clear up any confusion, they’re the same company, they just changed their name from ThinPrint to Cortado a while ago.) But Cortado also has an enterprise mobility management offering called Cortado Corporate Server. Cortado is announcing version 7.2 today, and it includes a few interesting new features, including support for iOS AirPrint over the WAN.

First, for a little bit of background, the core of Cortado Corporate Server is mobile file syncing, which of course also integrates with ThinPrint’s printing capabilities. (Cortado’s mobile products have actually been around for over a decade.) Cortado Corporate Server is installed on-premises, and utilizes existing data sources without having to move anything around. About two years ago, Cortado added in mobile device management, and now they can also provide OS-enabled mobile app management capabilities by leveraging the managed app features in iOS 7 MDM and on Samsung devices. More recently, Cortado introduced a freestanding secure browser app.

This brings us up to today’s announcement and Cortado’s new iOS printing options. Ordinarily in iOS devices, if you want to print using the native print dialogue (AirPrint), you have to be connected to the same network as the printer or print server, via WiFi. The iOS printing protocol doesn’t travel well over certain networks, so to print remotely you have to use some other app or service. However, Cortado figured out how to make this work over the WAN, so users can use the native iOS print dialogue even when they’re remote. AirPrint settings can be configured in iOS using a configuration profile that can either be downloaded by users or pushed using MDM; print jobs then get fed into ThinPrint.

The Cortado Corporate Server 7.2 updates are rounded out by new file sharing options that enable users to email links to files directly from the Cortado app. There’s also a new “Save Back” feature: when a user downloads, edits, and then uploads a file back into the app, it automatically puts the file back where it came from, overwriting the old version. (It will also save another copy if it notices conflicting changes.) Lastly, Cortado Corporate Server now supports SharePoint as a data source.

Cortado told me that they’re still making more money off of ThinPrint, but that their Cortado Corporate Server business has been growing, especially in the last year or so. They don’t have all of the third-party mobile app management capabilities of the larger EMM vendors, but with all of the OS-enabled MAM features in iOS 7, coming up in iOS 8, and in Samsung devices, they can cover a decent range of use cases.

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So, is ThinPrint pretending to be an AirPrint server in addition to the WAN optimizations? Like, can I use this to print to non-AirPrint servers via the native print dialog?


Yes. Using AirPrint to print to non-Airprint printers or print servers is pretty standard these days.