Consumerization by the numbers at Interop

Here are some interesting stats about the consumerization of IT I picked up at Interop this week.

NEW YORK -- Here are some interesting stats about the consumerization of IT I picked up at Interop this week:

  • BYOD: 18% of organizations ban personal devices outright, and 37% allow personal devices to only access email. Just 17.7% allow them to access apps other than email.
  • Cloud file-sharing services: banned by 24% of organizations. Another 29% have no policy, and 22% allow certain approved services.
  • Mobility management: Only 14% of organizations have a company-wide, on-premises mobile device management deployment, with another 11.6% that have a partial deployment. Nearly 17% aren't interested in on-premises MDM at all, and more than half -- 56.5% -- aren't interested in deploying an enterprise app store.
  • Security: Between 23% and 25% of all Android devices are rooted, which can make them more susceptible to malware and harder for IT to manage.
  • Data usage: Mobile data traffic came in at 597 petabytes in 2011. For comparison, worldwide Internet traffic in 2000 was 75 petabytes.
Sources: 451 Research Enterprise Mobility Survey (for BYOD, cloud file-sharing and mobility management figures); David Lowe, vice president of enterprise sales for Samsung (for security figures); Cisco Systems' Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update (for data usage figures)

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Good stuff Colin. Though, the number of rooted Android devices strikes me as oddly high? Anyone else feel that way?

Still, that's an alarming set of statistics.