Citrix's New Partner Programs Demistified

Citrix accessPartner, Citrix Solution Advisors, Citrix Advisor Rewards... What does it all mean?

Citrix accessPartner, Citrix Solution Advisors, Citrix Advisor Rewards... What does it all mean? Over the past two weeks, Citrix has completely rebranded and relaunched their entire partner program. You've probably read the headlines that describe the new programs, and, like me, you've probably found it difficult to understand exactly what is what.

I've read all the fine print, and here's a run down of all the new names and how they relate to the old programs that you're familiar with:

accessPartner Network

This is the new name for the overall partnership program within Citrix. The accessPartner Network includes all partners, including consulting companies, training facilities, ISVs, and resellers. It's also the umbrella program for Citrix certified individuals, including CCAs, CCEA, CCIA, and certified trainers.

Companies can join the accessPartner Network in one of two ways--by becoming a Citrix Solution Advisor or a Citrix Alliance Partner.

Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA)

"Citrix Solution Advisor" is the new name for the Citrix Solution Network (CSN). (Think "resellers.") Like the CSN, the new CSA still has the platinum, gold, and silver levels. It's geared towards companies who work with Citrix customers like resellers and systems integrators. Other than the name change, this program seems pretty much like the old CSN programs. There are currently about 5000 companies in the CSA program.

Citrix Alliance Partners (CAP)

The "Citrix Alliance Partner" program replaces the old Citrix Business Alliance program. CSA partner companies do not actually resell Citrix products. Instead, they focus on offering solutions based around Citrix technologies. Citrix Alliance Partners include vendors such as HP, Dell, IBM, and Wyse, as well as services firms that offer "consulting only" without reselling Citrix products. While the premier level of the CAP costs $25,000 per year, anyone can join at the "Charter" level for no cost (as long as you have a solution to offer and you sign their NDA).

Advisor Rewards Program

The Advisor Rewards Program is a new sales incentive program that's available to both CSA and CAP partner companies. Simply put, it pays cash to partner companies who influence deals. It seeks to address complaints from partner companies who work with clients to design Citrix solutions, only to have the clients turn around and buy the Citrix software from an online discount company like CDW.

With the new advisor rewards program, partners register their potential deals with Citrix, and Citrix pays the partner when the customer buys the product. If a partner company influences the deal and resells the product, then they get this special payment in addition to the margin on the product sale.

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This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on March 16, 2004
Thanks for breaking it down. Very Helpful
This message was originally posted by an anonymous visitor on April 29, 2004
it's such a pain trying to make sense of this kind of marketing bureaucratese. Thanks Brian for doing the hard work for the rest of us!