Citrix to integrate Web Interface with SharePoint

One of the most exciting things I saw at Citrix iForum Edinburgh this year was a demo of a SharePoint web part from Citrix that will allow a SharePoint site to act as a web interface into Presentation Server farms.

One of the most exciting things I saw at Citrix iForum Edinburgh this year was a demo of a SharePoint web part from Citrix that will allow a SharePoint site to act as a web interface into Presentation Server farms. (This is called "WISP" for "Web Interface for SharePoint.") Using WISP will be much simplier than trying to strip down the existing Web Interface to stick into a generic SharePoint HTML web part.

Citrix is making the WISP functionality available as a standard SharePoint web part. WISP will be composed of two pieces:

The first will contain an application area and a session control panel area that will hold the icons for applications that users can click on as well as basic workspace control options (Reconnect all, disconnect all, and logout).

The piece is an extension to the standard Microsoft document library web part. (The document library web part is a web part that displays files and documents stored on a SharePoint server.) Citrix has extended this web part so that it allows documents to be opened in remote Presentation Server sessions instead of on the local client. If the user clicks on a file but they don't have that application installed on their client, the system will automatically open that file on a remote Presentation Server. (This is basically content redirection via the web client!)

If the user does have the application installed on their client then they can choose whether to open the document locally or remotely.

If you're using SharePoint Portal Server (the one you have to pay for), then you can even use the Microsoft Single Sign-on Service to associate Citrix credentials with your SharePoint account. This will allow your credentials to be passed through to Citrix automatically for application enumeration and connection.

If you're using Windows SharePoint Services (the free version of SharePoint) then you can't use the single sign-on service. However, you can still use integrated authentication for the Citrix web page if you use Citrix Presentation Server's Kerberos-based authentication.

WISP also lets you "drag and drop" both Presentation Server application icons and content onto your desktop directly from the web portal, and you can double-click on these at any time to launch the appropriate application or content.

One thing that's interesting about WISP is that it allows the SharePoint server to act as the web interface for Presentation Server. It doesn't integrate with Citrix's Web Interface--it replaces Citrix Web Interface. This means that you'll have .conf configuration files on your SharePoint server and that it will talk directly with the backend Presentation Servers via the XML service. (Of course this is all configured via a standard SharePoint web part configuration widget, so it's really easy to setup.)

WISP was available for us to play with in the Tech Lab here at iForum. Citrix is planning to release a technology preview of WISP to customers via the portal in upcoming months.

As of now, WISP requires SharePoint 2003 (either Portal Server or Windows Services versions) and Presentation Server 3 or 4.

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...visit CDN (http:
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-Citrix Web Interface JSR168 Portlet Interface for BEA WebLogic Portal
-Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server Portlet for the IBM WebSphere Portal v5
-Citrix Web Interface JSR168 Portlet Interface for Oracle Application Server Portal
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Damn it irrates me that Citrix just wont get the message that "Project South Beach" aka "Nfuse Elite" aka "MetaFrame Secure Access Manager" or whatever it's called these days shold've been dropped years ago because that product flat out sucks the tit of a milked-out cow.
Why does it irrate me?
- Because I would've wanted an easy to implement plugin/web part to intercorporate with my intranet, extranet, whatever-net solution I choose.
- Had'nt been for that damn acquisition of the xml portal, or whatever their name was, there'd be readymade snipplets,web parts etc.. for all popular portals known to mankind, but nooo...Citrix had to try do it theirself with the lousiest portal known to history!
The new version has been re-written with the MSAM part making up only one bit of the new set up. In the new version you can access internal email, File Share and internal websites with access control and you can do this without even needing Presentation Server. This makes the new version have a lot more value in my opinion
In addition, the Advanced Access Control part of Access Gateway (this is what MSAM has become) is designed to work with any third party interface. This means that if you use Sharepoint as your primary access point, it can control what applications appear based upon policy and also can control how documents in Sharepoint are opened (they can be downloaded, launched via Presentation Server, previewed in HTML, or use the new Live Edit feature).
Whatever makes you happy. I do not like MSAM, however I do like Secure Gateway and Web Interface. Also I would wish for a real sharepoint web part for WI instead of using iframe to capture the beast....and, yes, it irrates me as hell that Citrix wont release a web part, easpecially as they're embracing other competitive portal products
Read the article a webpart tech preview will be available to download from in the coming months.
Yep, my fault, you're right, there will be a web part...That is amazing news, thanks Citrix!
Hi Brian,
I'm a SharePoint consultant working with a client that uses Citrix. We installed Citrix WISP components to work with our WSS and SPS 2003. I have a simple question and cannot find a simple answer anywhere. When I select 'Edit in Citrix Applicaiton' the WORD (or Excel or PowerPoint) file will open, however in all cases the Save and Save AS locations do not point back to the Sharepoint shared documents library. Instead they point to a local temp library on the local client desktop. Is this expected behavior or should the WISP integration component be smart enough to Save BACK to the originating library.
With working with local borwser and local applications, when I edit, the save and save as functionaity of the office files will direct back to the sharepoint document library on the web server. I want to expect the same capability with WISP local browser and Citrix hosted applications. There does not seem to be any clear description anywhere. Your help is appreciated!
btchuckls (at)

I keep reading that Citrix Presentation Server 3 and 4.0 integrate with SharePoint, but cannot find anything on integration with Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and SharePoint. Any info?
PS 4.5 on Win2003 Enterprise, Sharepoint Services on Win2003 Standard

Why has this been designed so that Sharepoint Services can not do SSO?
I want to start using the capabilities of Sharepoint Services website as an Intranet - but our users will probably not go there as there is no "compelling reason" if they can not have 1 stop shopping. Having to reauthenticate to get onto the server for their published apps is bogus!
The price for Sharepoint Server has not been approved as that is just 1 more license per user that we have to pay.

where can i download this from?