Citrix shakes up their XenDesktop exec team, GM Raj Dhingra is out

Late last week we learned there will be some management changes at the VP / General Manager level of Citrix's XenDesktop group. We don't know whether this is due to a lack of performance or failure of any particular strategy.

Late last week we learned there will be some management changes at the VP / General Manager level of Citrix's XenDesktop group. We don't know whether this is due to a lack of performance or failure of any particular strategy. Citrix's own statement puts a happy spin on it: "We have expanded our leadership team in the Desktop Division to build on our success last year, and position us to scale our current business and focus on new opportunities in the emerging cloud market."

The specifics:

Amitabh Sinha:

VP of XenDesktop Product Management --> GM for the new Enterprise Desktops and Applications group

Sumit Dhawan:

VP of Product Marketing for XenDesktop --> GM for the Receiver and End User Services group

Bill Burley:

VP & GM of XenApp --> GM for our new Cloud Applications Delivery group.

Raj Dhingra:

GM for XenDesktop --> leaving the company.

It appears that Gordon Payne will still be the SVP of the entire desktop devision.

It looks like Citrix has split the group into Windows apps, cloud apps, and end-user devices and clients? I don't really know too much more about this. What do you think?


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I suspect this has been shaping up for at least 6 months. You cannot have "vision" without execution. For Citrix, it was getting too "Cloudy".

A quick search on LinkedIn shows additional departures prior to the holidays.

On that note - I have spoken with many XenDesktop customers and have seen that they are actually increasing their usage of XenApp!


Thankfully he is gone, a major road block. I could not believe that they put Amitabh in charge who is the PM dude that I always complain about who combined with Dhingra are the reasons why we still don't have reverse seamless or HDX connect. Checking myself I hear that he is only an acting GM.\, perhaps Brian can confirm this or I really will just give up on Citrix as a company. Lord help us if he is their leader, no clue. Sumit is a marketing guy from what I recall, so no idea why they are splitting off receiver from the main produce core. Also WTF is XA for cloud and what happens to regular XA? Under the XD group I assume where it will not be invested in even though that's what most people deploy... with a leader that has no clue? Seems like Bill got F'd and pushed aside and this is an example of organizational building around people as opposed to need.

I also here others like Brad Pederson Chief Architect and Harry Labana CTO remain directs to Payne amongst a few others who Marketing etc. So I assume that's how they do their cross platform strategy.

Seems like a dividing organization to me, which really needs more consolidation with less cooks pulling in 20 different direction that cause quality issues for us on the front lines. Are Templeton and Payne awake?



"High Availability of the Virtual Desktop Agent

Updated: 2010-11-30

If all controllers in a XenDesktop site fail, you can configure the Virtual Desktop Agent to operate in high availability mode so that users can continue to access and use their desktops. In high availability mode, the Virtual Desktop Agent will accept direct ICA connections from users, rather than connections brokered by the controller.

Note: This feature is for use only on the rare occasion that communication with all controllers fails; it is not an alternative to other high availability solutions, such as configuring database fault tolerance and site failover. Before using this feature, refer to the list of limitations below as these have security implications.

If communication with the controller fails, high availability mode is initiated only after a set period of time has elapsed. By default, this is 300 seconds (5 minutes) but you can configure the time period.

Once in high availability mode, the Virtual Desktop Agent will attempt to register with a controller for up to 30 days, while the user continues to use the desktop in this mode. When the controller later becomes available, the desktop registers and the user's session continues uninterrupted, but any subsequent connection will be brokered by the controller as normal. If after 30 days the desktop is unable to register with the controller, the desktop will stop listening for connections and shutdown. This means the administrator has 30 days in which to repair the controller infrastructure and should not become reliant upon high availability mode.

High availability mode is suitable only for use with dedicated desktops, where the mapping between the user and the Virtual Desktop Agent is known. You cannot configure high availability mode for use with pooled desktops. "

- Citrix eDocs for XenDesktop 5 located in the "Plan" section


maybe we'll finally have a receiver/plug-in strategy that makes sense with 1 person in charge of it across platforms and endpoint.  the methods now are completely fragmented.  of course it looks like Netscaler / AGEE / AG support/bugs will still be a shot in the dark.



What are your thoughts on Citrix entering the Cloud market and what do you think their strategy should be, this could be the topic of your next blog!



This is different from what I am asking. All this is, is a failure mode from bad infrastructure, (think blackhole IMA problems) that now have the ability to take out many more users since it's their desktop as opposed to a few apps on XA. Citrix still does not allow you to upgrade in mixed mode for the infrastructure so it's a f'ing mess. The infrastructure adds ltd value, so I need the ability to just connect. HDX standalone 1-1 connections just like I can do with RDP.....