Citrix releases WISP 2007 tech preview

What the heck is WISP? If you haven't heard of it, it stands for Web Interface for SharePoint.

What the heck is WISP? If you haven’t heard of it, it stands for Web Interface for SharePoint. Basically it’s a set of web parts for SharePoint that let people use their SharePoint portal as their Web Interface instead of building a Citrix Web Interface server.

The new 2007 version of WISP can fully integrate with SharePoint, including content redirection and (if you're using SharePoint Portal Server), single sign-on.

Citrix has a fantastic 18-page “Getting Started” guide. Rather then paraphrase what that guide says here, just go to the source and read it. They’ve also set up a WISP 2007 forum on their support site.

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I hope Citrix continues to invest in the WebSphere Portal portlet that runs with Web Interface.  Many more enterprise companies out there run WS Portal than SharePoint.


 I was wondering where I could download the WSP files for WISP, I can't find them. Are they available yet for use with Sharepoint 2007

I'm a SharePoint consultant working with a client that uses Citrix. We installed Citrix WISP components to work with our WSS and SPS 2007. I have a simple question and cannot find a simple answer anywhere. When I select 'Edit in Citrix Applicaiton' the WORD (or Excel or PowerPoint) file will open, however in all cases the Save and Save AS locations do not point back to the Sharepoint shared documents library. Instead they point to a local temp library on the local client desktop. Is this expected behavior or should the WISP integration component be smart enough to Save BACK to the originating library.

With working with local borwser and local applications, when I edit, the save and save as functionaity of the office files will direct back to the sharepoint document library on the web server. I want to expect the same capability with WISP local browser and Citrix hosted applications. There does not seem to be any clear description anywhere. Your help is appreciated!
Any answers regarding the Save As location? There isn't anything regarding this on Citrix's support forums, nor any documentation for SharePoint.

I would test and see what happens from a browser on a Citrix server. I have a hunch it may have to do with browser settings on the citrix server which I know seems weird because you are not susng the browser via citrix. However when using wisp you are using the office apps from citrix and when you open a doc from sharepoint via office it needs to do some internal mapping of the sharepoint site and your sharepoint sites need to be in the local intranet zone... Another thing I might look at would be to see if the office web components are installed on the server.