Citrix released Provisioning Server (Ardence) 4.5

Citrix released Provisioning Server 4.5 for Datacenters.

Citrix released Provisioning Server 4.5 for Datacenters.
Citrix Provisioning Server makes it possible for computers to boot and run from an image file stored on the network.
The Ardence clients may be physical or virtual workstations or servers using a Windows or Linux operating system.
The operating system and the applications are executed on the workstation or server.

The following are new features/modifications to the Provisioning Server Platform:

  • Re-branding: The Ardence software has been fully re-branded to Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters.
  • Product Edition Restructuring: The previous Ardence Editions and Options structure has been revamped as part of this release. The Secure Edition and Device Edition are not part of this release.
  • Citrix License Manager: Integration with Citrix licensing and removal of Ardence licensing system.
  • Boot Device Manager: The ability to create bootable USB and CDROM boot devices.
  • NIC Teaming: The ability to leverage multiple NIC cards installed on the target device to support network/NIC failover.
  • MS WHQL Certified Drivers: All Provisioning Server drivers have been certified.

Admin Guide:

How to install and Configure Ardence with VMware:

The Ardence presentation from BriForum 2007:

LANVision article about Ardence:

Citrix iForum video with Mark Templeton (CEO Citrix) and pete downing (PM Ardence):

The Citrix Provisiong Server 4.5 software can be downloaded from

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The iForum video is great!

The download is not in any of the download pages in MyCitrix. Can you provide me exactly where they might have placed it??? Anyone else see the download??

When you logon to the software is located under 'Downloads, Product Softwar' on the top of the page. Maybe this link will work;


I appreciate the response but it is not listed in the Product Software listing. I have scoured the MyCitrix download page and cannot find it. Is it only available to specific customers? I am looking to download for evaluation.

Has anyone else found the download??

I to am also looking for the download for Provisioning Server 4.5  I was able to talk to a manager and get a 90-day evaluation license, but still not showing upon login to MyCitrix profile.  Further contact has proved fruitless.  An engineer sent me what he thought was the latest version without the Citrix branding.  Ended up being Ardence 4.1. 

With my Account i have already downloaded version 4.5 without any problems. It seems that the download from the above location is only possible when you are an 'Ardence' customer or Citrix Partner.

My advise would be contact your local Citrix Partner and ask for the 4.5 version. I'll ask some people within Citrix if it's possible to get an evaluation version in a easy! way..

Can you provide the downloading link?

hi guys,

you can download citrix provisioning server from this link:



Hey Everyone,

A new version in under the XenSource Tech Preview since 12/14/07

I've downloaded provisioning server via the XenSource tech Preview but the licenses only cover desktops not servers.  Does any one know where I can get a datacenter Eval license from?

You should contact your Citrix Partner in your Country. When this won't work please send me an email.


Can you provide the downloading link??(Citrix Provisioning Server DataCenter  sp1)