Citrix on Google Cloud, Glass returns, & Group Policy via MDM - Friday Notebook for July 21

Also: GeekOut 365, dinCloud, Windows 10 S, Google Play Protect, Check Point, Jide, and why forced iOS updates and a good thing.

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For the most part, all you hear from Citrix with regards to public clouds is Azure, Azure, Azure, but news came out yesterday that Google and Citrix have worked to get Citrix Cloud running on the Google Cloud Platform (Citrix also released some info). Earlier this year, Google staked a claim on the enterprise space while Citrix said they would work with more cloud providers, and this appears the be the culmination of that. Per the announcement, Citrix Cloud and NetScaler CPX will work on GCP, and ShareFile will be integrated with G Suite “to use Gmail and store Google Docs natively.”

We’ll dig into this, since there are more questions (like, is XenMobile part of the partnership?), but on the surface this is a smart move by both companies. If Google is making an enterprise push, it’s great for them to have XenApp and XenDesktop to help gain entry into organizations that still have a lot of Windows apps. It levels the playing field for GCP versus Azure and AWS.

Now...when do the ‘Google is going to buy Citrix’ rumors start?

Last week we had a call with Jeremy Moskowitz of and PolicyPak fame to talk about PolicyPak MDM. Announced yesterday, it’s a new edition of PolicyPak that can deliver native Group Policies to Windows 10 devices via MDM. (You have to bring your own MDM.) This is an interesting step for unified endpoint management, and Gabe took a close look at it.

This week Google Glass was relaunched for the enterprise, but as we wrote, while this makes for good headlines for general tech media outlets, it’s business as usual for the enterprise mobility space.

dinCloud announced a service that monitors user experience, performance, and availability of various services and applications that are important to organizations. Since the service acts as a full-time quality assurance tester, they call it a “virtual robot” named “James.” “Hiring” James isn’t cheap, though. At $5/hr with a 720 hour minimum (or around $3,600 a month) it might only appeal to a select group of companies. Of course, it’s still cheaper than a full-time Software Quality Assurance Tester.

When Windows 10 S (the version that can only run apps from the Windows Store) was announced, Microsoft only talked about using it in schools. We all assumed that it would be available to businesses, too, and Microsoft confirmed that last week. Head over to Mary Jo Foley’s column at ZDNet for more on how Microsoft is positioning it.

In mobile threat defense news, this Google Play Protect (which surfaces some of Android and Google’s existing security features) is rolling out, and Check Point is integrating SandBlast Mobile with Microsoft Intune. What’s mobile threat defense all about? Read more in our recent series, or if you’re more of a video person, find out in one of our brand-new GeekOut 365 sessions.

Remember that Remix Mini Android desktop thing people were talking about for a while? Jide, the company that made it, is getting out of the consumer space and will now focus on the enterprise. They “see huge potential in the role that Jide can play to revolutionize how these businesses operate.” We don’t think the enterprise is asking for Android desktops, but working on other Android embedded devices and associated OS tweaks would make a lot of sense.

Last, and most important for us here at, our new GeekOut 365 video platform launched this week. Head on over now, check it out, and let us know what you think! We have new videos, tons of older BriForum videos, and the public debut of the BriForum 2016 sessions. Thanks for checking it out, and thanks to our speakers, sponsors, and TechTarget product development team for making it happen!

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