Citrix launches YouTube-like Web 2.0 site for channel partners

I received an interesting email from a friend over the weekend. It was a link to the song YMCA, but instead of the chorus singing "Y-M-C-A," the words went "Why ICA?

I received an interesting email from a friend over the weekend. It was a link to the song YMCA, but instead of the chorus singing "Y-M-C-A," the words went "Why ICA?" What was even more intriguing about that song was the URL that was serving it up: I had never heard of YouDeliver.

I visited the home page, and it turns out that Citrix has recently launched YouDeliver as a "social networking site for Citrix Solution Advisors (i.e. "partners") and Citrix employees."

Despite being billed as a social networking site, you can't read the profiles of the content producers and there are no blogs or anything. In fact, the only thing the site does is provide access to the videos and audio files that have been uploaded. So in that way, it's more like YouTube than MySpace. But partners and employees can record videos and podcasts and post them to the site. (Then again, since I'm not a Citrix employee or Solution Advisor, I'm not able to have an account on the site, so maybe once you login the other social networking features are unlocked? Either way, the site is definitely very cool.)

CTP. Blogs. Now this. Citrix is continuing to move into a cool direction.

So why hasn't anyone heard of this site? Right now the robots.txt file prohibits any search engine from indexing the site. I assume (hope?) this was done intentionally while the site is in its early stage. Or maybe the site is designed only to be viewed by partners? If so, then they will probably always choose to keep it out of Google. (Of course since anyone can view the content today, that doesn't really make sense.)

In typical Web 2.0 fashion, YouDeliver is designed for viewers with short attention spans. The maximum length for both video and audio content is 5 minutes.

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What about this one !?:
With regards,
Ruben Spruijt
also cool muziek ;)
its funny this whole website story.
and you already knew this website did you ruben ?
i will see you at briforum this year.
i go every year.
see ya.
 This is what was sent to Partners about it  couple of days ago:

Citrix YouDeliver launches today!
It's live… it's easy to use… and it's ready for you to get creative and show the world how well you deliver the Citrix message. It's the new Citrix YouDeliver web site.
Citrix YouDeliver is an innovative and fun way to learn the language of Citrix. It's a new social networking web site for Citrix Solution Advisors and Citrix employees. The purpose of the site is to help you learn the latest Citrix application delivery messaging and put the language into practice by creating your own video or audio podcast and publishing it on YouDeliver. You can reinforce what you learn by watching podcasts from others in the Citrix community. You can even vote on how effective and creative others are at delivering the Citrix message.
The site is in response to the 2007 Citrix CEO Challenge that I announced at Summit 07. I invited all Citrix Solution Advisors and employees to take the content from Summit 07 and turn it into powerful audio and video podcasts (vodcasts). If you're one of the first 500 people to publish your submission on YouDeliver, you'll receive a Citrix-styled iPod. The top 25 submissions qualify to win an iPhone. We encourage every employee to rise to the challenge and show us your creativity!
As Citrix solutions become increasingly strategic to businesses, we want to help you get comfortable explaining the "big picture" value of Citrix to senior IT executives. Once you register, this site gives you access to the materials you need to understand the bigger picture, and engage customers in conversations about Citrix's strategic importance to business.
YouDeliver is a key component of our 2007 sales strategy. We're leveraging the power of user-generated content to create a destination devoted to helping employees and Solution Advisors learn and amplify the Citrix message. It's a great way to bring our employees and Solution Advisors together in one virtual place, extending the reach and complementing the value of our in-person training.
Go to to get complete details on the CEO Challenge, tips for making podcasts and vodcasts, and the minimal viable podcast (MVP) requirements you need to follow to win an iPod or iPhone.
Hurry! Be one of the first 500 people to show how well You Deliver the Citrix message and get your Citrix-styled iPod!

Hey Brian
I am sure with a little effort you could most likely build what the BrianMadden Company needs to become a solution advisor ;-)
I can only applaud Citrix's efforts to reach out to the world in new ways, but to call this a "social networking" site is to mis-use the term, I feel; you can't really have social networking without conversations. However, it is nice to see Citrix tapping into the creative and artistic abilities of its staff, and if this continues, I might even be able to create a solid rationale for having a piano in my office.