Citrix launches XenMobile, but it's just a name change of Zenprise

Yesterday Citrix launched two "new" products: XenMobile MDM and the Mobile Solutions Bundle. I'm saying "new" because there aren't actually any technologies making their debut, just new names and SKUs.


Yesterday Citrix launched two "new" products: XenMobile MDM and the Mobile Solutions Bundle. I’m saying "new" because there aren't actually any technologies making their debut, just new names and SKUs.

XenMobile MDM is the new name for Zenprise, the mobile device management vendor Citrix acquired last fall.

The Mobile Solutions Bundle combines XenMobile MDM with all of the existing CloudGateway mobile application management products. With that you get:


In less than a year Citrix has checked off most of the enterprise mobility management boxes, but there are clearly still many questions about enterprise mobility management, like how to treat email and where all the apps will come from. What do you think the next move will be for Citrix?



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Hi Jack,

Just want to clarify a few things...

The release of XenMobile MDM is not just a renaming of Zenprise but also what would have been the next major release from Zenprise had they not been acquired.  This release of XenMobile MDM moves from version 7.1 to 8.0.1 with a slew of new features.

Although Citrix showed off and announced the sandboxed Email client and Web Browser this is the first actual GA release of the @Work product suite.

Would you be interested in getting private session with our Product Managers to see whats new and the roadmap for the next few months?  If so send me a message at


The roadmap definitely looks impressive. Looking forward to the months ahead!


Scott, thanks for the additional information! That wasn't in the press release or any of the Citrix blog posts, so it's good to know.


Yeah Citrix PR has gone silent with us over the past few months.. dunno why, maybe they only like to brief people to write what they want. But to your point @Scott, that information is not in any of the press releases or blog posts, so you might want to tell those product managers that if they want people to know about it then they have to tell people rather than relying on employees to post comments on blogs.

In fact now a full day after the release I still cannot find any documentation, articles, or posts from Citrix that talks about the new features.


Citrix just wanted to do something diametrically opposite to the Sony PS4 'launch' !

Sony unveiled the PS4 with a huge fanfare, announcing new features and games, but with no tangible product to show for 5 years of work.

XenMobile is a really tangible product offering, but Citrix doesn't want you to know about the new features.

I prefer the Citrix approach :-)


@Brian to be fair Jack posted the article based on a Citrix press release that announced the launch of a new MDM product and a new solutions bundle.  Since it is the launch of a new product it wouldn't make alot of sense (IMO) to call out the new features of what would have been version 8.0.1 of Zenprise MobileManager in the press release.  

You will start to see posts on the Citrix Blogs site that discuss the new features and integration with other Citrix products over the next week or two.  Example...

It's fine to have posts that just call out announcements, but don't assume the vendor just rebranded the consoles because they didn't call out new features in a product launch press release.

You guys typically do great work and interview product managers or product marketing with new launches or announcements.  With the VMware Horizon Suite release Gabe and Jack had great articles that broke down everything.  Even though there was not really much new with the products in Horizon Suite the articles had great insight.  Even in the podcast you guys interviewed VMware about the announcement and strategy so just trying keep things fair : )


In Citrix's defense also, many partners (under close NDA of course) have been kept apprised of some of the new features and capabilities that led up to the recent announcements.  I think this is a well-timed and positioned debut of a product that had a lot of work put into it since the Zenprise acquisition.  I think there's a lot more coming around May-ish in Anaheim with the Me@Work stuff and the "Synergy" of it all...  Sorry, that was awful.


i have a question here , Does the new cirix EEM solution is covering the MAC devices or not ?