Citrix iForum 2005 Northern Europe News Round-up

As many of you know, I spent last week at Citrix's iForum conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As many of you know, I spent last week at Citrix's iForum conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Actually, this was my tenth(!) iForum--five in Orlando, four in Edinburgh, and one in Australia. At first I thought this was really cool, but I quickly realized this just means that I'm a huge nerd!)

Anyway, the agenda for this show looked really boring, but it actually turned out to be a really good two days and I'm really glad I went.

Among the highlights of the show:

I covered each of these "major" points in separate articles. (Click each item to read the full articles.) However, there was one other cool thing that I haven't mentioned yet--the Citrix Tech Lab.

The Citrix Tech Lab

First of all, one of the real hidden gems of the past few iForums has been something called the Citrix "Tech Lab." The Tech Lab is a room at the conference with about 30 thin client terminals with live access to every single current (and many future) Citrix products. You can go in there and talk to the engineers and sit down at the terminals and play around with things to see how they work. I spent several hours in the lab, and it was definitely time well spent. In fact, at future iForums I think I might just skip the sessions all together and just spend all my time in the lab.

The tech lab is staffed by what seemed like 40 or 50 Citrix engineers. I talked to quite a few of them, and like with any group of people, some were pretty green, but others really knew their stuff.

In this tech lab, I got to see and play with the final version of the Access Suite 4.0. (I've been on the road since it was released last month, so I hadn't worked with the final code yet.) I got some hands-on experience with the new SmartAccess zone configuration and endpoint analysis scanning engines. There are some really powerful capabilities here, and I will definitely have to work a lot more with them to fully understand how they can best be used and configured by customers. (The good news is that I'm working on a new book for this. The bad news is it will have to be 1200 pages to really dig into everything!)

I also used the tech lab to get hands-on experience with a bunch of different unreleased technology previews (as mentioned at the start of this article). I'll tell you what, it's really great to actually be able to play with these things instead of just having someone tell you about them. For example, it was great fun to poke around Presentation Server running on 64-bit Windows to see which bits were 32-bit and which were 64-bit.

One interesting side note about the Tech Lab is that while I saw about 30 thin client terminals, I didn't see one single server. (In previous years there were racks of servers in addition to all the clients.) I asked a few engineers where all the servers were. They just looked at me and nervously smiled… So the real question is, "Did they use VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server?"

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I am definately at the next Northern Europe IForum :)

thanx for the coverage Brian, for me who did not have the time to go it was definately worth alot :)

nice spelling by .. me ;)

too early.
Check this out - thin client in a... wall jack!

Oh man!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this thing! It was really cool. For all those Americans reading, this ChipPC form factor is the European wall outlet standard size. This would be like making a thin client device that's the size of a standard power outlet. Unscrew the cover, pull out the outlet and stick in your thin client, and you're all done.

Hopefully they'll be making a US-sized on soon.

This is really cool!!!
Is ther any info about pricing available?

Some cool ICA based things at iForum, but did no-one think the SmartAccess stuff was cool? The ability for presentation server applications to change behaviour dynamically depending on where you login from, access to files shares via smartphone or blackberry and clientless access to web applications now that is cool. Oh nearly forgot, you can also unbolt the NavUI supplied with Access Gateway Enterprise and bolt the functionality into existing portals/intranets. BTW anyone using the new Access Gateway or looking at Access Gateway Enterprise should checkout its by the people who did CDA Exchange and again is partner and Citrix independant and offers advice and industry buzz on the Gateway product line and other SmartAccess technolgoies like WholeSecurity, Cisco NAC And Microsoft NAP (when it eventually arrives). BTW...Yes I do support the forum and yes that was a deliberate plug! ;)
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – Edinburgh International Conference Centre - Stand #S18 (June 1, 2005) RES demonstrated the latest version of PowerFuse with features that enable administrators to streamline, configure, secure, and monitor Windows desktop environments with one central console. The company also demonstrated the latest beta version of WISDOM which allows IT staff to centrally deploy, automate, and simplify Windows desktop tasks.

I saw this too at iForum. I looked it up and all it is, is a connection to a rack of thin clients in a server room.
No, the rack in the back room is your Terminal or Citrix Servers. There is no 'rack of thin clients'. The processor, RAM, NIC, Video are all in the jack it's self, and the power is supplied over Ethernet.

Check the picture at the bottom of the page from the link above.

It would be cool to have a phone jack pass through or even a network hub to pass though ethernet to the front.
Ordered a few of these, two different models for testing in my environment as an alternative to Wyse Terms. Should be in next week....I'll let you know!!