Citrix iForum 2003 Day One Summary

Written from the beautiful Wyse terms in the Dolphin. Arrival today was marked by a pleasent surprise.

Written from the beautiful Wyse terms in the Dolphin.

Arrival today was marked by a pleasent surprise. Maybe it was the fact that we arrived early, but this year it actually seems they are a bit more organized and have the check-in process streamlined.

First session today: User Access Best Practices. Overall a solid presentation however a overall theme for the first half day of the event. A serious lack of capacity planning. The room this session was in was overcrowded and under air-conditioned.

Second Session: Methodology in a Box. It never ceases to amaze me the level of products developed by citrix SE's which compliment the existing supported applications. Doug Brown has been doing some tremendous work in the tools, and organizational shortcomings of the metaframe offerings. Does this guy actually do deployments? PIAB, now known as MIAB 3.0 is fascinatnig. The evolution of the offering has been a boon to var's and administrators small and large. Doug's presentation skills while not as "PC" as some may wish for sure do capture audience attention. It is rare that A roomful of "Techies" applause but they certainly did for his presentation.

Third Session: Out-Of-The-Box Tools. This presentation provided the glimpse into the technical genius that this conference has become a mainstay for. I have been coming here for 4 years now, and consider myself a seasoned engineer. As usual new tools/tricks/techniques are learned. Great presentation. As is the theme for today, way, way underestimated size of attendance.

General observations:
Correct me if I am wrong but is this the first year they are holding sessions before the general session?
It seems that these sessions are less organized, and as though they did not expect many people to show up.
It seems the majority of the sessions are at the Dolphin this year. A welcomed reprive from the Swan Walk (Although being able to walk outside in October for a guy from buffalo is nice)
One of the nice features of past Iforums has been the access to a Developers area where you could see Beta and Alpha programs in action and meet with the product development groups in charge and chat. I do not seem to see this.
Happy to see the Sylvan test taking in the Dolphin this year and they are continuing the 50% off. Be nice to complete my CCEA while I am here....

More from Day 2

See you at Shulas! Assuming I survive the opening night party.

Scott Hahn
Lantrax Inc.

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