Citrix iForum 2003 Day One Session Notes

Notes from Citrix iForum 2003

Citrix Iforum 2003

Doug Brown Rolling out Metaframe XP in a Project Oriented fashion

Methodology in a box

Sunny Singh Senior Manager CCS


830+ pages version 3 coming.


5 phases







Art of setting expectations (Project Management)

Proven processes tools checkpoints to manage risks and deliver successes



Professional services for deployment recommended


Analysis Phase

Vision/Scope statement of work Define the vision Split scope into in scope/out scope Living document change throughout the project


Project Plan detailed list of tasks needed for successful deployment

Derived by expanding out the project scope with more detail


Infrastructure assessment meetings and analysis document readiness requirements, risks and considerations for each component

Review following areas that are critical to successful implementation of MF

Network architecture

Hardware environment'

Os environment

Any existing mf environment


Client environment

Any existing change control



Proof of Concept Determine what assumptions must be proven

Design the3 enviroment

Create a test environment not a production , build from scratch install and test apps


Make adjustments as necessary OS tuning


Analysis Phase Checkpoint..all parties agree


Preface, vision, scope statement of work

Infrastructure assessment findings

Proof of Concept

Statement of work


Design phase

Server design MF design

Hardware Requirements OS Requirements


MF Design

Farm Design Number and location of Server Farm

Zone Design number and location of zones

Data collector design DC architecture

Data store design

Load management design data storage recover procedures access method



Define which to deploy

Delivery defind how user will connect to farm

SAM PN Agent, WI PN Client etc


Printing Architecture

Gather list of known printers

Define how auto created printers will be used

Define if Network Print Servers

Define UPD

Define policies and procedures for adding future printers



File storage.profiles etc

Login Scripts define any mods that might be required

Network Mods Existing Infrastructure changes

Client drive auto creation user group modifications


Design Phase Checkpoint..all dos to customer

Server design

MF design

Netwokr design

Statement of work mods deliverables duration costs



Follow Project Scope and Plan to build intial MF environment

Prepare Network Environement

Install and Configure MF

Install and configure Applications

Install and configure aaplication delivery mechanism

Lock down mf environment

License environment

Document every keystroke!


Readiness phase

Test Test

Pilot implementation

Rollout any remaining Servers

Implement change management


Create testing schemas that will need to be passed to both MF and app functionality leverage end users to create app functionality test schemas


Test all the features of metaframe from the variety of client that will be supporting


Test all the features of the app from the variety of client that you will be supporting




Small slice of proposed users to ensure user experience business functionality and overall usability


Choose pilot user carefully

Happy users first

Light medium heavy users

Cross skill levels

Create Pilot users welcome kit

Welcome letter

Instructions on how to perform the pilot

Test schemas


Change mgmt procedures document

Create a server log book for every server in the farm


Rollout remaining servers

Once pilot is passed go back and update design and implementation documents

Onec finished rollong out the new servers retest the functionality of the farm


Readiness Phase Checkpoint

Presting findings of pilot to customer

Executive summary of the testing and pilot results

Change managerment polices and procedures

Server log books


Rollout phase

End user training Welcome kit, group training one on one present with user credentials as needed

Administrator training educate admins on any day to day tasks

Go live

Set a date, inform suppor support staff and end users


Compile all deliverables into one document

Results end users responses, results of training, any policies and procedures needed for on going day to day support.

Out of the box tools for Citrix XP Presentation Server

David Hart

Doug Brown

Comm admin and support issues


Where to download



Server Optimization and Tuning

MF XP Data Store Maintenance

Connectivitiya nd bandwidth

Admin and Help desk


Printing issues

Failed Auto created printers

Server print driver replication

Map network print queues by client location

In order to auto create client printers

Client print driver name must be identical to server print driver name

Corresponding server printer driver must be loaded on the server


Project Compatibility 3.0

Enumerates all MF servers, presents failed drivers with recommeneded compatible drivers

View edit or remove esiting mappings from ima view printer drivers


Printer Driver mappings are case sensitive

Lists all print drivers


Pc 3 on MF XP FR3

PC 2.1 MF XP FR2

Must be running in native mode

PC 3 admins need full permission.



Multipurpose MF XP datastore health check and re indexing tool


Ica Client printer Config Utility External Db auto discovery of client devices in a MF XP Farm Extends ica clientmname based printer mapping to includenetwork print queues support

Network print queues and client name mapping stored in db


Registry Checker (RC)

Automated tool reads mf xp registry entries andcopares them to recommended values.


Writes changes to vb script to be executed on system

Scripts to propagate additional registry changes to default and current users.



DSVerify data store validation utilityServers verify server host record entries in famand remove orphaned in mmc

Dsverify /?

Dsverify servers

/Clean corrects host id errors BACKUP DS!

/Force Specify /clean and servernamd to delsete

Data store consistency check

Remove dead servers from famr

Setup maintenance plaon on sql server data store

What version of MDAC

SQL Query Analyzer



SP_who, sp_who2

SQL Profiler traces events cand sql activity

Database maintenance plan wizard

Integrity stats backup

MDAC Component Checker

Connspeed set ica conncetion speed for Web Interface or with Project Columbia

IIS 5 or later, Columbia or Web interface 2.0 or 1.6



Enables ima debugging information to log

Troubleshoots ima install issues

Pinpoints hig resource utilization of ima servers


Connect based tcp port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver

Great for troubleshooting ports IMA 2512

SQL 1433 abd Secyre gatewat 443



Network Protocl analyzer for Unix and windows with promiscuous support

Examine data from aa live network or capture file Netmon/lanalyzer


Administration and help desk

Streamlin mf xp management console functions

User shadowing unpublish apps

Hide server system drives


MFCOM script writing to access most of MF XP server monitoring and management functions.

Create tools fro task frequently perfrormed thatwold take more mouse clicks in mmc


Client query

Session query

Session control

Enumeration virtual channel licensing zones accounts app publishing



Automate unpublisngin of apps before performing maintenance and avoid load manager issues

Take MF XP Server offline by svrOffiline script that unpublishes apps

PubappRpt List all published apps

PrinterCleanyup removes hung autocreated prints

MFLicenses report available and lof MF XP connections lices to the app log in event view

AppIdle enforce specific publishe d app idle session logoffs

SvrSessionCnt displays idle active and total session counts for specifited server

Cscripts svrsessioncnt



Gui to quickly shadow a user

Hidecalc automates setting reg files adm templates for hding drives


Filemon Regmon


Registry checker



VB scripts

Connspeed doug brown


Ica client printer config







The Benefits of deploying Web Applicatgions on Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server

Mark Sweeney Consultant

Randall Jacques Principal Director


Web app does not equal thin app

Bw requirements data transfer to client


Central mgment of browser and components

Sanardize on reuired web browser

Deliver consitent app performance

Leverage shadowing and conferencing manager for helpdesk


No client upgrades required. Standard ica client


Access t all clients and platforma

Consistent app interface

Secure app access

Single point of access for all apps


No data on the client.

Reduce threat from virus attacks


Predictable performance on low bandwidth connections

ICA Optimized for remote access

Co locatgion of data and apps on high speed data center netgwork

Speedscreen browser acceleration.


Fr3 vs previous releases

Speedscreen 4

47% faster

16% less bandwidth

30-45% less cpu


78% bw improvement between web client and ica client

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