Citrix iForum 2003 Day 2 Summary

First some clarification on my Blog yesterday. It appears that there is indeed the "Citrix Technical lab" available in Asia 1 providing access to current technology and new Alpha/Beta products.

First some clarification on my Blog yesterday. It appears that there is indeed the "Citrix Technical lab" available in Asia 1 providing access to current technology and new Alpha/Beta products. Starting at 11:30. Great opportunity to meet with product representatives.

For those of you who may be interested next to the technology lab is the "Citrix Usability Study" room. This is your opportunity as a Vendor/user/whatever to make yourself available to test, and evaluate current and future products. While Citrix does not have a structured Beta program, similar to other vendors this is one opportunity to make your voice heard in development of new product.
After downing some quick breakfast on the way into the general session hall some general comments.

Looking more like a Pink Floyd laser light show the session continued it's tradition of extensive use of Multimedia to dramatize the entrance of CEO Mark Templeton. Some impressive facts, over 2500 Attendees from over 40 countries. Most of whom are probably still sleeping off the opening nights festivities, or crying about the Yankees. There is still tonight.

A continued theme from Mark Templeton is the massive marketing effort Citrix has put forth to generate name recognition. This is a welcomed tactic from myself heading a VAR. How often have I had to get past the Citrix? Never heard of it. Nice to see some press in the Times, and other influential media. I can hear execs beating down my door now. Well ok maybe not but it helps.
The customer success stories are great motivators.

Haven't we all had Voicemails like JP had?

I personally can attest to the stabilization effects MF has. We recently converted a Staffing firm with 3 locations and traditional Client Server infrastructure to Thin and it is amazing the amount of calls that have stopped coming in to our support group. Not to preach to the choir but there are many success stories to be shared.

Of course there are also many Failed implementations of thin infrastructure as well. One word of advice. Learn to live and breathe Doug Browns methodology. It helps avoid those nasty voicemails.

Afternoon Comments:

* No breakout or Birds of a feather sessions during lunch this year. That is nice. First year I have not eaten my lunch from a box!
* Bob Kruger's technical address. Bob got the responsibility of explaining the Citrix version of the .net conundrum, "The metaframe Access Suite".
* Good explanation of all the products in the suite (Presentation server, MSAM, Password Manager, and Conference Server) and the roles they occupy in the solution that is "The metaframe Access Suite". Can't anyone just sell a product anymore?
* Next up was the usual Microsoft and Citrix we are friends that we are used to seeing at Iforum. Pretty refreshing though. Some topics included new features in Winxp SP2, and w2k3 sp1. Citrix won the ISV of the year award. Nice to see.
* Got a chance to get hands on with Metaframe 3.0 (Project Hudson) Some really nice features. Hope all are up on their Subscription advantage.
* My highlights of Hudson.
* New policies added to Metaframe. You can now drill down and limit bandwidth limited to items such s drive mapping, printer mapping etc.
* You can now manage all products from the suite within the MMC. Meaning MSAM, Password Manager, Conf Manager.
* The MMC is not going to replace the CMC just yet. They will co-exits for some time as functionality is not fully ported just yet.
* Impressive Speedscreen enhancements in relation to pushing video over ICA Virt channels.
* Dynamic Session resizing.
* Bi_Directional audio to support such things as transcription. Something my customers have definitely been asking for.
* An interesting feature as first reported by Brian Madden. The ability to choose RDP or ICA, as well as push the RDP client down from WI 3.0
* Worth checking out if you can get the download to complete.
* Do take the time to check out the tech lab Wednesday! Worth the time. I personally was chatting with the developer responsible for the Bi-Directional sound. Great opportunity.

Some General observations of things that did not go so well today:

* Please do something about the scanners at the entrance to all sessions. Seriously time factor. Drop them or find a new way of keeping track of us. Can anyone say RFID?
* Lunchtime schedule. Big mistake. If the schedule says lunch at 11:30 , and the general session runs over DO NOT hold your customers up from eating lunch simply because the CEO ran over on time. Many, many unhappy people in that hallway.
* Presentations. If they are available on the Iforum website please announce that so the general attendees do not scramble to take notes and ignore what is actually said.

Some Session responses:

* Advanced IMA . Great lecture topic. poor presenters. they seemed to be caught in the funk of last nights party.
* Consolidating Servers with Dell. Useless Shilling for Dell product.

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