Citrix iForum 2003: Day 2 Session Notes

Remote access birds of a feather: Challenges, Consistent user experience, Cost effective single point of access, Easy access over any connections.

Remote access birds of a feather


Consistent user experience

Cost effective single point of access


Easy access over any connections for links to white paper

Mark Templeton


How customers are using Citrix. Cleveland Clinic

-JP Savage Senior VP System operations Scotia Bank

Reduced costs customer satisfaction, improved operation

Speed.control.reduced hangs and disruptions. Security improvements

14% user productivity

18,000 users


Evolution of access

Tactics à Rules à Access Strategy

Immutable laws of access strategy

-The guaranteed access experience law- all app interfaces data, and services should be available to user w/o time delay local remote transparency. Not care where hosted

Users session must remain tasteful and permanent even with temp loss of connectivity

-Scalability redounds law accommodate fail over whenever required

-Verifiable security law all data and apps must remain consistently and constantly secure


-Total observability law access law enables continuous improvement for end user and organization as a whole. Device/location of user trends

Measure cost of users over time improve business processes

Platforms \ /applications

\ /


Application infrastructure increasingly complex over time

Universal Access.


Bill Mcdermott President and CEO SAP Systems

50% of software companies will vanish in two years

Not only the small and weak but major players will merge or be acquired

Enterprises and vendors need to be vigilant and prepare for acquisitions and applications

-Consolidate Software vendor base

Standardize apps and systems

Reduce number of vendors

Single point of accountability

A comprehensive product offering

-Lower operating costs

Reuse not replaces existing IT systems

Decrease TCO of it solutions

Defined upgrade cycles

-Ability to articulate and demonstrate a world-class business case

Rooted in lower TCO

Faster ROI and time to value

Limit risks with incremental implementations

Systems Applications Processes

Delivering on the promise of business integration to help customers gain roi and foster growth

World Class Applications

Create value for your organization

Empower employs

For every size of business

World-class equipment



64500 installations, 20000 companies 28961 employees

12 million users in 20 countries


Rapid deployment of apps

Longer use older pc

Reducing costs sharing hardware and manpower minimize sw updates

Moving into the future?

Invest in web services architecture

SAP Netweaver is single integration platform

Leverages core spa strengths

Delivers foundation for all app needs

Built to extend sap and to integrate no sap (open standards based)

SAP Focuses on delivering value

Delivers critical information real time to users anywhere

4 reasons why citrix and SAP are partner of choce

Enable Growth and innovation

Enable transformation focus

Speed time to value

Reduce risks lower cost of ownership



Jim Milton

SVP and managing Director Enterprise Systems Group in North America

60% of all Citrix deployments are on HP

Cooperative support agreements

135+ HP Citrix certified architects

Citrix premier plus partner

Citrix is HP Enterprise Global partner

Citrix named MS Global ISV of the year

Last year 35 languages 11 million visitors per day

Launched adaptive enterprise strategy

Held or gained share in every product and service category

-Blades, industry standard, Linuxm Windows

19000 Worldwide patents

3000 since the merger

4 billion annual R and D investment

Managementa nd utilization software

Utility and grid computing

Rich media

Digital publisihing




Over 350 products introduced since Aug 11


"Both high tech and low cost and the best total customer experience of any other alternative in the marketplace"

Increased volume of change Ability to adapt quickly

Adaptive Enterprise

Align supply with demand

Processes span the enterprise and beyond

Resources flow transparently to where they are needed

Operations dynamic automatic and fresh

Certification of Citrix MF Presentation Server for HP Openview

Openview probe for Citrix Environment

More accountability, agility a better return on IT

Technical Keynote

Bob Kruger

On Demand Enterprise allows IT services to be offered as a computing utility

Any Device Any Network

Citrix Access Infrastructure



Protect Policy based control of who and how they can access

Deliver device and network independences QOS pervasiveness of connectivity

Manage Instrumentation measurement observation and management of service usage quality and security

MetaFrame Access suite

Presentation Server

Access Manager

Password Manager

Conferencing Manager


MS 2003 Support

Fast downloading of graphics and bitmaps

Improved printing support and quality

Simplified license activation

Integration with MOM

Enhanced Resource management

Beter remote server management

Management console updated

Windows XP luna technology


Secure role based access to centeralized entgerprise resources

Application alayer


Windows, web, java

Brings the internet Extranet and Intranet into a single place

Access center for pernsonalized view

Conferencing Manager

Dynamic collaboration of applications

Builds atop metaframe presentation server

Anywhere anytime application sharing

Easy effective secure

Password manager

Simplifies end user computing Single sign on fo rwindows web proprietary and host based apps

Reduces helpd esk costs

Centrally manage and automate password related events including password generation and achangers

Increases network security

stricter password policies more frequenta qand automated password changes

increased complexity of passwords

Corporate VP of content development and delivery group (Web manager)

Rich Kaplan

Steve Ballmer video. Citrix Critical partner

One of the First ISV solutions to be certified on Windows 2003

Citrix awared Microsofts Global ISV of the Year

6.8 million in R and D

Dedicated research

MS Action Items on Patches

Improve patching experience

Provide guidance and training

Mitigate vulnerabilities without patches

Continue improving quality


Windows XP Sp2

Improved Firewall

Safer email and browsing

Enhanced Memory

Beta by end of year

Windows Server 2003 SP1

Role based security configuration

Remote access client inspection to protect the perimeter

Local inspection on connection

Beta h1 cy04 RTM H2 CY04

Global education program

Technet Security seminars

Monthly security webcasts

Dedicated seminar at PDC

500000 people next 12 months


Better performance and scalability

More user per server


8 times more reliable than NT 4

4x downtime improvement from Windows 2000


Up to 80% performance improvement in TS

50-100% faster file server performance

50-60% faster web server performance

about 20 citrix developers in Redmond

Productive dependable connected best economics

Security performance ansd scalability

Ease of use ease of deployment ease of administration

100% Of Fortune 100

99% fortune 500

Technology and strategic solutions

Extending the on demand enterprise

Increased transparency between local and remote PCs

Performance improvements

Enhanced mobility

Multimedia content support

Additional user interfaces and clients

RAVE Technology

Streaming video and audio support on MF Presentation Server

Dramatically improves audio and video stream playback

Improves bw usage with multi media content

Minimal degradation of performance even with multiple user

Result a more transparent and seamless user experience

JPEG Compression technology

Enhanced graphics compression

Significantly improves the performance of viewing graphical content through metaframe

Improves performance of graphically intensive applications

Improves bandwidth usage

Faster more responsive experience with graphic intensive applications

Follow Me Roaming Technology

Enhanced control and access to the users workspace

Automatically reconnects user to ther applications

Allows sessiont to be pulled to another device

Simplifies disconnect logoff and reconnect

Result users can easily and quickly move between access devices

Move from machine to machine!

Unification of MF Access suite

Uniformly manage the suite

Informational dashboard and data providers

Common componentry

Unified licensing across all products

Integration with other management products and tools

Support for wider variety of authentication mechanisms

Citrix management interface

Single point of management console for mf access suit

Consistent look and feel for all products

Improved integration and access management

Fully integrated access infrastructure

Result easier for it admins to manage access observe operations and ensure services

Licensing Generate historical reports

Geographic view

Security and Standards are Inherent

Security/Privacy/Accessibility/Quality assurance

Citrix Long Term Focus..

Improved manageability scalability and reporting of on demand enterprise servers

Greater usage of web services to enhace usability and integration

Increased user mobility via broader dievice support reliavel ica traffics state management

Enhanced secured access for b2e and b2b

Continued integration and transparency of heterogeneous platforms and services

Windows 2003 and Terminal Services

Easier to deploy manage and use

Better reliability security and scalability

Quickly build and deploy apps

Extensive ecosystem

Active directory performance up to 345% faster than windows 2000

Improved user experience

Advanced resource redirection disk drives local and network printers serial devices etc

Hi Color up to 24 bit high resolution 1600x1200

Enhanced Manageability wmi group policy adsi mmc snap in software restriction policy

Windows server resource manager WSRM included in Enterprise edition 2003

Increased scalability up to 80% more users due to memory management improvements

Scale out session directory in enterprise and datacenter

Enhance Security

128 bit encryption

Up to 80% improvement in knowledge worker users per server

Improved allocation of System PTE and virtual memory.

Alleviated kernel address space limitation in 32 bit server

80-140% more users than windows 2000

Citrix was early to certify 2003

8x improvement over NT 4

4x improvement over Windows 2000

User based licensing Ubiquitous access

Active Directory / Group Policy


Licensing TS 2003

TS Cal required for all users OR devices that connect to a Windows 2003 TS

Introducing User Cal

Solves for roaming users with multiple devices

Adding TS External Connector

Replacing TS Internet Connector

Business Partners and Customers

Allows authenticated access

Removing OS Equivalency

More consistent with other cal models

Les confusing doesn't depend on Client OS
Transition plan in place for existing customers

Windows XP Pro will be entitled to TS Cals

No software assurance

Can purchas sa until 12/31/2003

Windows desktop with SA/UA/EA TS Cal w SA

SA on TS CAL expires when SA/EA ends

TS License manager Wizard to get cal

Activation site

Use VL agreement number or XP product ID

For more info go to

Follow links to licensing

Windows server 2003 web edition

Datacenter, enterprise

Bear Paw

Next terminal server release

Incremental improvements to the platform

Functionality and timing not yet determined

Working with Citrix

Longhorn Server

Next major Windows Server Release

Optimizing the IMA Data Store

Rene Alfonso

Mike Stringer

Global Escalation Team

Components Data collector data store

Data Store Static

Information that changes infrequently

Licensing etc

Data Collector DC Dynamic

Info changes frequently

Sessions disconnects load etc

IMA Basics

Datastore collects static configuration data

Using direct mode each MF XP server maintains an open connection to the sql server

MF20.dsn file IMA Sevices will make an ODBC conncetion to SQL server using persistent connection

To reset password for IMA service

Dsmaint config /user: /pwd: /dsn:

How is LHC Kept up to date?

Syncing with DA at start up

IMA Network Packet updates

Change Polling

Each subsystem tells LHC what data it wants cached during startup

(slide went by wayyy to fast!)

CMC change Notification

Change is made on the CMC

The member server writes the change to the ds and forwards info to the DC

The DC updates the LHC on the member server in its zones and forwards the info to all the other DCs

The other DCs send info to their member servers

Notification of Data Store availability

Error written to system event log every hour

Also written to reg key hklm software / citrix/IMA/DatastoreFailureTime

96 hour license limit keeps ticking even with reboot

0=Connected 1=disconnected

Change Polling

Used as backup method of discovery

Occurs by default every 10 minutes (w/o HF XE102wo81 FR3 30 minute interval)

Configurable in hklm/software/citrix/ima/DCNCChangePollingInterval

No real default value bump up if needed

IMA Looks at KeyTable count the numober of rows and does an average of the IMALOCK value to see if anything has changed

SQL Troubleshooting



Collects SQL information

Config information

Database information


TempDB holds all temporary tables and temporary stored procedures

TemDB is recreated every time SQL server is started

Temp tables and stored procedures dropped automatically on disconnect

If size for TempDB is small part of your system processing load may be taken up with auto grow feature

Use MDAC 2.6 SP2 - 2.7 - 2.8+

Component checker tool

From MSDev site

Monitoring IMA

Management current activity process info in SQL Enterprise Manager

SQL Query Analyzer

Select * from master.dbo.sysprocesses where program_name='citrix_ima'

Look for blocked should be 0


Kills all open IMA connetions to SQL server

Purges temporary object in TempDB

Allows for database maintenance such as consistency check

DSCheck with FR3

Validates te server farms data stores integrity

Dscheck /clean to check consistency and fix errors

Slim Jim Utility

Removes all xp administrator to enable local admin control of XP farm FR2/FR3

Access to datastore required


Backup datastore prior to using!


Maintenance Plan

Update index statistics

Backup MFXP Database and transaction logs

Recovery Models

Simple recovery

Full Recovery and Bulk-Logged Recovery

To change recovery mode

Select database properties, Options tab, recovery model select there

Be sure to discuss backup plan with DBA

Log truncation occurs at these points

At the completion of the backup log statemente

Every time a checkpoint is procecessed provided the db is using the simple recover model

XE102W081 contention problem when adding servers to a farm (fix for chfarm)


XE102W028 dsn file could not be loaded causing creation of database connection to fail

XE103W2K006 adding print driver causes high CPU utilization on Data Store server FR3

XE103W3K025 license group corruption may cause ima to hang in a starting state FR3

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