Citrix comments on pricing and timing of future XenMobile on Azure offering

We still have to wait for more product details, though.

Yesterday Citrix hosted an event with Bill Burley and Brad Anderson talking about the partnership between Citrix and Microsoft.

The event reinforced the messages from Summit and Synergy, as well as the recent XenApp “express” announcement. (XenApp “express” will replace Azure RemoteApp; Gabe recently wrote up everything we know about it.) The event also featured Maribel Lopez, who presented an excellent segment on digital transformation.

While the event wasn’t specifically about breaking news or new product details, we did learn a few new bits of information about the upcoming Azure-based, Intune-integrated version of XenMobile that was announced at Synergy.

First, Citrix plans to normalize the price of the new XenMobile when it’s used alongside Intune. Using two separate EMM platforms together (typically one vendor’s MAM on top of another vendor’s MDM) already happens today, but normalizing the pricing will help make the combined offerings more attractive to customers.

The other thing that I learned yesterday is that we should be getting a tech preview of the new version of XenMobile around the time of Citrix Summit, in January. CTPs that I’ve spoken to have brought up complaints about the current XenMobile Cloud offering, so the new version will be welcome.

Right now there are a lot of technical details about the XenMobile and Intune integration that we don’t know yet, but Microsoft Ignite is coming up in a little over a month, so hopefully we’ll find out more then.

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