Citrix Yahoo! Widget now available on CDN

Citrix has posted a Yahoo! Widget to the Citrix Developer Network.

Citrix has posted a Yahoo! Widget to the Citrix Developer Network. They're making this part of their "powertoys" package which also includes the Citrix Firebox browser extension we previewed several months ago.

If you're not familiar with the concept of Yahoo! Widgets, they're these little things you put on your desktop similar to Dashboard functionality of Mac OSX. There are thousands of Yahoo! Widgets available. Most of them provide quick snapshots of news, weather, email, system status, etc.

Now thanks to Citrix, you can also get desktop access to your Citrix servers and applications in a Yahoo! Widget interface like this:

Citrix Yahoo Widget

Of course this isn't going to replace the PN Agent or anything for business use, but if you make use of Yahoo! Widgets, it's cool to be able to add a Citrix one. (Unless you're a Mac user. Despite the fact that the Yahoo! Widget engine runs on Macs, the Citrix Widget is Windows-only.)

These little projects on CDN are cool. They remind me of the Google "20% time," where engineers can do cool little random things on their own.

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I think this widget is still in trial version and need complete documentation. For example, I need to download MSXML 6.0 prior to launch application. Now, i can see my applications in widget but got no result if I double click it.
I am the developer of this nifty tool. I am sorry that you are having problem launching applications from the widget.
Would you please make sure you fulfilled all the requirements listed in the online help: then click on "Requirements".
We are trying to bypass the MSXML 6.0 and we will update the widget soon.
The link on the CDN site is dead right now, is there an update coming or somewhere else I can download it from?

You can find the new version and previous one here: