Citrix XenServer 4.1 Beta Released

Citrix recently announced the availability of Citrix XenServer 4.1 Beta.

Citrix recently announced the availability of Citrix XenServer 4.1 Beta.  This service pack adds several new enhancements.  From the website:

  • Scalability and Performance
    • Increased number of simultaneous running VMs
    • Enhanced nested page table (NPT) support for modern AMD processors
    • VLAN support in Standard Edition
    • Improved Citrix Presentation Server performance and maximum number of user sessions
  • Reliability and Manageability
    • Host NIC bonding for fail-over (configured via CLI)
    • Centralized logging
    • Configuration of network management interfaces via the CLI
    • Update/patch management integrated in XenCenter
    • Java bindings for XenAPI in SDK
  • Storage
    • Initial shared fibre channel storage support (via CLI only)
    • Enhanced support for NetApp filers, including snapshot and cloning
    • Windows guest Hot disk remove
    • ISCSI improvements
    • Support for hot-plugging USB storage as a storage repository
  • Host System
    • Rolling pool upgrade support
    • NIC driver updates (e1000, BNX2, TG3)
    • Support several 10Gb network adapters (Mellanox/Chelsio)
    • Improved hardware support
  • Guest Support
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 32-bit and CentOS 5 32-bit install from physical CD
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x64 and CentOS 5 x64 guest support
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 x86 and x64 guest support
    • Windows Vista x86 guest support

Looks to me like they're working really hard to get this up to par with VMware.  The "Scalability and Performance" section alone is encouraging enough to take a look, let alone all the other enhancements that have been bugging everyone for a while. 

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I followed  the webbased training from citrix. Looking at the overview, it seems that that training is allready outdated.


The updated training will be available in March, concurrent with the general availability of XenServer 4.1
Anyone able to get iSCSI working on XenServer?....doesn't work for me.
Works fine for me...  You may need to reboot the XenServer and try again