Citrix Xen-based client hypervisor video

In my opinion client-side bare metal hypervisors will change the way we delivery applications and desktops to users where applications are executed locally.

A few days ago Brian wrote about Citrix 'Project Independence', a very (very) interesting and useful desktop delivery solution. In my opinion client-side bare metal hypervisors will change the way we delivery applications and desktops to users where applications are executed locally. This is awesome, in the near future we don't need Client-Management solution anymore ...!? ;-)

Gus Pinto posted a video where the Citrix Xen-based client hypervisor is running on a HP Intel Centrino laptop.

I can't wait to get my hands on this technology... what are your thoughts with this technology!?

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I believe this could be a turning point on how we manage desktops. In this sense, the low amount of comments on this and Brian's posts (on XCI) is very strange. Especially with Brian being a fan of VDI offline, etc.

Wake up everybody, don't you get what is in store for us!!!!!

I believe the client hypervisor alone is a big thing. But if Citrix can bring some efficient way to manage the virtual machines (also offline without the checkin checkout hassle) running on this than they will have something really important in their hands.

I too have to find a way to get my hands on this asap, I am already running all over the walls with excitement :)


It looks really nice. My first thought however keeps coming back and that is: isn't kind of overkill to have two separate VMs running simultaneously just so you can have "coroprate functionality" as well as "no corporate functionality". Virtualization does not have to be the vehicle to solve all of todays business challenges...

I am not not really sure what would be solution but this just feels like overkill....


I think the segmentation of corporate desktop from personal desktop is used as a sample use case for client hypervisors often because it has the “wow factor” and also highlights the capability of a type 1 client hypervisor to isolate multiple environments.  However, the client hypervisor approach provides management benefits even when a single virtual desktop is being used, assuming that it is paired with some type of central management console.  All of the PC management tasks that have traditionally required agents or other tools to be shoved into and around Windows, such as remote software delivery, patching, encryption, backup, etc., can be delivered much more safely and efficiently with this type of approach.  The client hypervisor is just an enabling technology.  It is what PC management companies do with it that stands to change the game.


Its the bomb.

Cant wait... distributed is the way to go.

Wonder what tools will be made available to manage the hypervisor.


check from Phoenix Bios...


Sorry... Was in a Rush...

Please, check also This is a software client side hypervisor based on Xen delivered by Phoenix BIOS with a secure Linux optimzed for battery life on main partition and you windows OS in a second partition.

I haven't tested it but it seems you can get one or the 2 at the same time.


Took a look at hyperspace solution.

It didnt really appeal to me I have to say....

Im more interested in delivering multiple Fat client OS.... now if you could switch to multiple virtualised windows images as well as their OS that would be cool, but i dont think u can?


Does anyone know if we could get our hands on a demo beta of this?

Image 2 desktops. One corp. desktop and another as personal desktop.

Also, Do you guys this VMs run faster and better on a Linux Hypervisor opposed to a normal install of windows.


I like it. I wanna have it now! haha. :)

Seriously. I hope Citrix can pull this one off nicely.

Having manageable bare metal hypervisors available for PCs (and other user endpoint devices) is the last (?) step to move to a fully virtualized IT infrastructure.


Using client hypervisors will not eliminate management of the desktop or laptop.  Instead, it will transform the client into a multi-OS device that allows multiple instances of OSes to run (either in a full switch mode, where each OS is its own unique instance or in a mode where the user doesn't even know that they are running multiple OSes).  Will we still need to manage this new "device"?  Yes.  Will today's systems management tools be able to do it (in their current incantations)?  No.  The major vendors will need to morph their tools to accomodate this new platform.


By the way, I invite everyone to visit the Neocleus booth at Citrix Synergy to see a true Type 1 hypervisor and management system in action.  We will be unveiling the product there.  

Bill Corrigan