Citrix Synergy 2017: Mobile Threat Defense presentation resources and links

Here's the bibliography for my Meet the Experts presentation, which takes place at 2:45 on Thursday.

Today at Citrix Synergy 2017, I’m presenting a Meet the Experts session called “Mobile Threat Defense: What is it, and where does it fit in your mobility strategy?”

If you’re at Synergy in person, come join me from 2:45 to 3:15 in Synergy Park, Theatre II. If you’re following the show remotely, I’ll post a replay link as soon as it’s available.

In my session, I’ll be mentioned quite a few reports, resources, and statistics, so I’m linking to them all here in this companion article.

What’s the session about? Here’s the abstract:

“For years, we’ve been hearing reports about the rise of mobile malware. Yet conversely, mobile devices and apps are inherently much less susceptible to many of the security issues PCs have faced. Unless you’ve been downloading Android apps from unofficial sources, you probably haven’t had any problems in almost a decade of iOS and Android usage.

“Lately, mobile threat defense industry has been on the move. Usage is finally starting to edge up, and high-profile partnerships are forming.

“In this Meet the Experts session, Jack Madden will lay out what you need to know about mobile threat defense, mobile app reputation services, and put it in the context of enterprise mobility management and Apple and Google’s efforts.”


My past mobile threat defense articles from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

My recent MTD overview for TechTarget.

Apple's official iOS Security Guide. (PDF)

Apple App Store Review Guidelines

Android developer website description of Android security

 Play developer policies

Google’s Android Security Year in Review 2016 (Blog | PDF | My article)

Information about Google Android SafetyNet

Google Play Protect

Newer general Android security resources

US Department of Homeland Security “Study on Mobile Device Security” from April 2017.

Mobile threat statistics from Lookout (Press release | White paper)

2016 stats on iPhone lockscreen and TouchID usage (from The Verge)

2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report,

Citizen Lab report on Pegasus Malware and the NSO Group

Public reference to MTD vendor Lookout partnering with Apple.

MobileIron stats about MTD usage

US House of Representatives selecting a MTD (from The Hill)

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Good luck today, Jack. Feel free to use our research material on mobile threats from Q1 2017.