Citrix Synergy 2014 opening keynote live blog

The keynote is over now. Here's the live blog which you can read from the bottom up.

The keynote is over now. Here's the live blog which you can read from the bottom up. Also check out our podcast analysis from right after the keynote.

11:29 - Mitch Parker is coming out to demo Citrix Workspace Services. You login to the portal and can add "clouds" to it, which can be your own on-premises ones, or AWS, Azure, etc. Then there are a whole bunch of services you plug in. Cloud apps, mobile services, data fabric, delivery network, monitoring, automation, etc. This is the future of XenApp and XenDesktop. They're showing provisioning a desktop. There's also a lot of things for service providers, their customers, etc. This is not available now. Tech preview of the "first services" will be later this year.

11:20 - And here's his "one more thing . . ." He's talking about being able to rapidly design and prototype desktops and apps in the cloud and how to tie that together between public, private, and hybrid clouds. It's called Citrix Workspace Services and it's built on Microsoft Azure. This will also be interesting as Windows Server moves to be line on premises versions of Azure.

11:18 - Mark is back after talking about the importance of leaving things better than you found them. He's choked up now again as he's probably thinking about how this is his last keynote.

11:11 - Mark is back on stage talking about their evolution from 1989 through 2014. He's talking about how it's come "full circle." Yeah, that's what I blogged about yesterday. So what about the next 25 years? He says their goal is to continue to deliver on the promises that they've made.

11:06 - Citrix is offering a VMware View Rescue program where they give VMware customers a 50% discount.

11:05 - Citrix is announcing the Citrix Workspace Suite, which is maybe everything combined? He didn't clarify...

11:03 - Now talking about NetScaler 10.5, and that it can work to secure mobile devices. He didn't mention details so we'll also have to look into this later.

11:01 - Next up in ShareFile. Something about "Any Prem" or public cloud storage. And... he's moved on. So in the time I took writing that sentence, he's off of ShareFile.

11:00 - Now onto EMM. Did he just say that 85% of their customers are choosing XenMobile Enterprise? Today XenMobile 9 is being announced. Unfortunately he's not talking about any of those features now, so we'll have to see what Jack finds out about it later today.

10:51 - Next is XenApp, talking about XenApp 7.5 and its new features. This (along with the XenDesktop stuff), is all not new since those products have been out for awhile. Brad is back on stage demoing XenApp. Looks like nothing is new here. They're going to release XenApp Migration Tools.

10:50 - First is XenDesktop, talking about the new features of XenDesktop 7.5. (HTML5, Wake-on-LAN support, hybrid cloud provisioning, etc.) Azure support coming soon. Talking about how this runs as a unified platform with XenDesktop.

10:50 - Demo is over, and now Daheb is back and will be talking about new features.

10:45 - Still in demo mode of showing different Citrix Receivers on different devices. Again this is a demo that we've seen for 10+ years.

10:32 - New product called WorxNotes that's like Evernote / OneNote for Worx. It seems cool. Integrates with groups and stuff. But as a user I'd be a bit nervous about this. Do I want my company to "own" all my notes? They could read everything, and they could take away my access if they lay me off.

10:30 - Daheb is still on stage, joined by Brad Peterson giving a demo of the new receiver. So we're watching the demo of how Receiver works with files, meetings, etc. There's a "triage" feature in the mall application which is cool. Sure it's not in the native mail, but there are lots of third party mail apps that do this.

10:20 - Daheb is still on stage, talking about how work is not a place. Seriously dude? Yeah I think we get it. Uggh.. now he's giving us a tour of the "mobile workspace." Jeez this is also a huge waste of time. . . Wow. He's now talking about collaboration. Just Wow. (Note I'm being sarcastic. This is super lame.)

10:15 - Citrix CMO Steve Daheb is on stage now. Man there are a lot of buzzwords. We have to do good IT. That's his message.

10:07 - Mark is talking about "DOS." "Don't own stuff." He says, "Don't own servers. Don't own services." Yeah, but I bet he still wants you to own licenses. :) He's going on to explain about how we need to do everything as a service, etc. So also nothing new here.

10:02 - Talking about the "old way" versus the "new reality" of IT. Nothing that we don't understand already. "Hey! Stuff is mobile now. IT can't dictate, etc." So how do we deal with that? Mark says we need to "connect people and tasks with apps and data."

9:54 - A new Citrix Receiver codenamed "X1" for "Experience First." They're saying this is "one touch access to your mobile workspace." They're integrating MDX and HDX into a single receiver. (I assume this is for mobile clients?) Customers will be able to brand it as their own. Now they're showing a demo of Receiver X1. The UI is all HTML5-driven. You bring it up and it pulls the icons for the apps. There's bundles, categories, branding, etc. It's all server-delivered so it works on laptops, mobile, etc. Slogan is "Your mobile workspace from one button." I like it.

9:51 - Now talking about the Mac Receiver. Probably thanks to the competition from VMware! This specific demo shows offloading DirectX commands to be processed locally on the Mac client.

9:45 - Talking about Citrix Receiver. It comes in three flavors: software, web, and appliances. Talking about Google's drive to HTML5. There's a video talking about how receiver for HTML5 on a Chromebook is awesome. They will release a new Receiver app for Chromebook with printing, USB redirection, audio, webcam, etc. Tech preview next quarter.

9:42 - There's a flip in how organizations and people connect. In the past it was "people join organizations." Now it's "organizations join people." That's where Citrix comes in to deliver the IT services to the people—the tools of how businesses join the people.

9:39 - Getting into mobility. He's saying the average person thinks about devices and apps, but really the focus needs to be on the "moveability" or people, business, apps, data, and desktops. I agree with this because I've written that there's two types of "mobility," and this was what I was talking about.

9:33 - Now onto ShareFile. They have 45k customers, over 1m users. He's just explaining how ShareFile works.

9:32 - Mark is back. That BT presentation was dreadful. WTF was that? He just basically told us why BT was an ASP. I think we heard that 15 years ago. Huge waste of everyone's time.

9:24 - Now a British Telecom guy is on stage saying something about partnering cloud blah blah... I'll come back when done.

9:21 - Back to Mark. Talking about DaaS and CSPs. They have 1500 CSPs delivering services based on XenApp. #yearofdaas!! CSPs are delivering 360k desktops as a service.

9:13 - We're in the Citrix Innovation Awards presentation, so I'll be dark for a bit while this happens and I'll continue when they get to the stuff that matters.

9:10 - Intel, Citrix, and HP are partnering to put GPUs into CPUs. More on that tomorrow.

9:09 - Talking about why Citrix named their conference "Synergy." I think the real reason was to distance themselves from BriForum. :)

9:08 - And..... he opened with thanking sponsors before attendees. :) Ahh vendor conferences.... Hmm.. see says 10k attendees, but I think that's including the people watching the video online.

9:07 - Mark is on stage. Hey.. Standing Ovation. Nice. He's choking up a bit while thanking everyone.

9:06 - Kicking off now. Citrix is calling this the "biggest business mobility conference in the world."

8:49 - We're settled into the keynote area. Citrix is currently showing a video about all the complexity of the Synergy Keynote behind the scenes—all the technical producers, all the people, the video switches, etc. It kind of reminds me of VDI. :) It seems easy at first, but when you look behind the curtain, man, there's a lot in there, and if even one part breaks then you're screwed!


Original text from before the keynote started:

As I mentioned yesterday, Gabe, Jack, and I are at Citrix Synergy 2014 in LA this week. The conference officially kicks off Tuesday at 9:00 am PST with Mark Templeton's keynote. I'll be doing an live analysis here throughout, so visit this page to follow along. You can also watch the live stream video if you're not here.

In the meantime, check out Jack's piece about what to expect from Citrix this week on the mobility front, and Gabe's article about what Citrix needs to do in the desktop space.

We're also doing a live podcast at 12:00 noon PST from the Expo Hall to talk about what we hear. (The exact timing will depend on how long the keynote goes and how fast we can get down to the there.) You can listen to that live and send in your questions and comments.

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wow that CMO totally sucks - for someone who should be pretty dynamic he's as dynamic as a flip flop!  Bad times...


I have been a Citrix fan since 1999 when I first got started with MetaFrame.  The days of iForum were great as were the early days of Synergy I have to say that I am disappointed with the lack of energy that is displayed by Citrix on this years Keynote the only exception is Brad who as ever nails his demos.  The marketing guys are so wooden its uncomfortable watching them.


Biggest crime is no backpack! Was told citrix is going cheap.. Sorry.. Green


I'm sitting on the right and I feel so wronged. Mark T has always been about the experience (Chief Experience Officer) and many of his former executives have never really understood how this permeates into usage and adoption. The new CMO is neither conveying synergy nor user experience. Perhaps he just needs more coffee. Someone, anyone, please get him an espresso.


Wow they really have nothing to bring to the table this year...


A monotone 'great' from the marketing guy. Someone may give him a coat of varnish if he's on stage much longer.


I am sure that, that medical app demo has been doing the rounds for about 5 years, is this really the best that Citrix can muster up.  I know if you are the leader in a market innovation is difficult, but there seems to be a distinct lack of innovation coming from Citrix at the moment.


'Why reinvent the wheel' - great motto for a innovative company.


Wow, skip passed the important stuff, saving time to announce 'Dazzle 2.0' maybe?


Synergy has become those events where only your bosses who knows nothing about Citrix gets to go but you.


Good workspace services story at a high level.

Complete vaporware at this point - in the session Mitch was answering - "we will do this, we plan to do that". Looks like they have 0.01 thing done to tell the market that they get DaaS and want to cloud'fiy the products and scare VMWARE.

But the story around we will have controllers and workers and restructuring of the products in the next year looks like a wet dream for the new product dude.

Build the fcukin XenApp migration tool first.