Citrix Synergy 2012 opening keynote live blog, today at 10:30 PST / 1:30 EST

12:35 Okay, keynote is over. Now we're heading over to the studio for a special edition of Brian & Gabe LIVE (our live internet radio show).

12:35 Okay, keynote is over. Now we're heading over to the studio for a special edition of Brian & Gabe LIVE (our live internet radio show). We're going on at 1pm PST / 4pm EST today (25min from now) to discuss what we learned in the keynote. Join / listen live here.

12:29 Here's the "one more thing" moment. He says this time it's the biggest announcement of the conference. It's "Project Avalon," about delivering Windows apps and desktops as a true cloud service. He says that current XenDesktop and XenApp are kind of like cloud services, but that behind the scenes they're really not. So Project Avalon lets you manage multi-tenant, multi-version, etc. Too bad MS licensing makes this a pain in the ass. :( Is this the biggest announcement of the show? Pfft... I mean it's cool. But biggest announcement of the show? No way. Beta will be available second half of this year. They'll demo it tomorrow.

12:28 Mark is finishing up. Did he even mention XenServer at all today?

12:23 Now talking about NetScaler 10.

12:19 Mark is talking about CloudBridge 2. I'm not a cloud guy, so I'm not going to talk about this.

12:13 Showing the HP All-in-One thin client, takes only 13 watts, available via power-over-ethernet. But here's the thing. This HP thing is a thin client built into the screen. In other words, the thin client PLUS THE SCREEN is only 13w. Holy cow!

12:10 Demo is over, Mark is back. Admits that typical VDI can cost more than traditional desktops. So how can they make that cost lower? He's looking at HDX System-on-a-Chip. (SoC) They're looking at sub-$100 devices with full HDX experience.

12:00 New thing in HDX called the "Deep Compression CODEC" which helps 3D apps have lower CPU, GPU, and bandwidth.

11:58 Mark is talking about the "FlexCast" messaging of XenDesktop. (This is that thing where they do VDI, RDSH, client VMs, etc.) Today there is a new type of flexcast called "RemotePC." It's like XenDesktop VDI, except connecting to your physical PC instead of a VM. Think of it like GoToMyPC except through XenDesktop.

11:54 They have over 100 customers with more than 10k XenDesktop licenses. But remember, that doesn't mean they're deployed, and it can also include XenApp.

11:52 CloudGateway 2 demo is now wrapping up. There's a lot to this.. stay tuned over the next few weeks.

11:33 Mark T: So far we've talking about Windows apps. But now we have new apps, iOS, Android, etc. So we have to get into delivering those types of apps too. You need to deliver all of these through a unified storefront, which is Citrix CloudGateway. He's explaining how CloudGateway which connects to the various client receivers, gateway services for policies, etc. and content controllers which tie to Windows apps, SaaS, etc. Today they're announcing two new controllers: Mobile, and Data. So Citrix is getting into the Mobile App Management space. West Coast Brad Peterson is on stage to give some demos. Secure browser inside iPad receiver.

11:32 Mark is back. Talking about apps now, and Citrix Receiver for all the different platforms and how Sharefile integrates with XenDesktop and XenApp. (Which is cool. I believe Jack has written about this before.)

11:20 Next topic: Data. Docs are shared via email, USB sticks, etc. Citrix's solution here is ShareFile. He's explaining how it works now. It's got versioning, encryption, remote wipe, locking, etc. But the one thing, they want more control over where data is stored. So now there's a new thing called "StorageZones" which allows you to control where data is allowed to be stored. (Like you can't put this folder outside of the company, or on non-company devices, etc.) Now it's demo time for ShareFile, with key focus on "ShareFile has been built from the ground up for businesses."

11:08 Talking about Podio.. social collaboration. Apparently Citrix bought this company. I missed it I guess. :) So like VMware, Citrix is getting into this space too? Now we're getting a demo of Podio. This platform is available to integrate with everything, and free for teams of up to five people

11:06 One of the needs for this "life slicing" (separating work & personal) is the need to communicate. This is where the GoTo products come in. They're showing the tv commercials for this now. GoToMeeting with HD Faces is now available on iPad.

11:03 We intersperse life & work, etc. He's setting the stage for the new generation.. as IT Pros, we have to change... 

10:59 Mark is back. Talking about how we're changing from the PC era to the cloud era. Moving towards aggregating & orchestrating instead of building & operating, etc. "The exceptions of the PC era are the new assumptions of the cloud era."

10:54 Citrix Innovation award time.. I'm going silent until we're back on the announcements. Stand by...

10:53 Now onto Cisco, talking about VXI and how what Citrix is doing with Cisco has really taken off in the last 12 months. They've signed a 5-year agreement with them for technology sharing, etc. Gabe says that's not new though.

10:53 Next focus is Microsoft. Mark is talking about how awesome Hyper-V is. They're working with them to make sure everything they do plugs into System Center 2012. Doubling down on Microsoft.

10:50 Talking about XenClient. Mark said, "One of the things you've asked for is more management around XenClient." And for that, they're announcing the acquisition of Virtual Computer. People clapping. Looks like Bridget Botelho was right. Virtual Computer will be launched as XenClient "Enterprise" edition, this quarter, $175 per user. But if you have XenDesktop Enterprise or Platinum, you get it for free.

10:47 Talking about AppDNA now, and how the expiration of Windows XP support will mean that everyone will have to migrate old Windows and browser apps, and AppDNA is the way to do that, even for physical to physical. It's cool that he's talking about physical. Today they're announcing AppDNA 6.1, which seems to be the first release since Citrix was able to update it.

10:45 Mark is congratulating Wyse & Dell. Now talking about VDI-in-a-Box. There's a license upgrade program to go from VDI-in-a-Box to XenDesktop. Wonder if they can make a migration path for the technology too?

10:44 The press release from Citrix just came out talking about what they're announcing today. I guess we can just go home!

10:42 Themes today will be "mobile" and "cloud."

10:41 Like prior years, I'm only really going to focus on the desktop, app, and consumerization stuff today. Citrix CEO Mark Templeton has just taken the stage. Cheering, etc.

10:37 We're still waiting for the keynote to start. We're literally writing from the floor.. There are probably 4,000 people here and about 3500 chairs. :(

Citrix Synergy is taking place this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Gabe, Jack, and I are all here covering the event, beginning with the opening keynote which takes place this morning at 10:30. As we've done in previous years, we'll be live blogging the keynote here (on this page) throughout.

If you're here before the keynote starts, you can get in the mood by reading Gabe's article (and the fun comments) asking people to make predictions about what Citrix will announce today, like that Citrix has acquired Virtual Computer. (A story which Bridget Botelho broke on Or take a look at what Jack Madden predicted about Citrix extending CloudGateway to support native mobile apps.

Check back here at 10:30 for the live blog. Then after the keynote is over, we'll have a special edition of our Brian & Gabe LIVE radio show where we dig into all the news we heard.

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